Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Stress Away Essential Oil

Have you heard about Essential Oils?  I had been reading Facebook posts for months about them before I finally decided to cave and buy a Premium Starter Kit through Young Living.

What attracted me to the use of oils was reading about their use with children who have ADHD and/or Autism and how using oils may help these children focus and even calm down.  When you have a child who struggles with either of these issues, you tend to grasp for anything that might help.

At first, I was completely overwhelmed and unsure exactly what to do with the premium starter kit.  If you've googled or been on Pinterest, you will know what I am talking about when I say there is a plethora of information on essential oils out there. Fortunately, I received a quick reference guide with my oils and I was soon diffusing citrus oils throughout the house.  The kids were cautious, they liked it but not completely.  I even found my son hiding the little dish of purification oil I had stashed in the bathroom because he wasn't crazy about the smell.

One of my first real observations with the effectiveness of the essential oils was with the blend, Stress Away.  It's a blend of Copaiba, Cedarwood, Lavender, Lime, Ocotea and vanilla and it came with a roller ball attachment so I could roll it directly onto my skin.

One night my oldest daughter, who is on the spectrum, was seriously struggling with completing her homework and was crying and stressing out.  I had an "ah ha" moment and asked her if we would try the stress away.

I applied it to her wrists and lightly across the back of her neck then got her to take a few deep breaths and relax a moment.  It wasn't instant but she began to calm down and was eventually able to finish her homework.  I think it was the combination of taking a minute for a few deep breaths and inhaling the soothing scents of the Stress Away blend that really made a difference.  Since then, my children have totally opened up to me trying different things with them.

Of course, when I share about essential oils my friends instantly ask me if I'm "selling" Young Living Oils now.  Well, no, I'm not. I found something that's been helpful to my family and I'm enjoying experimenting and finding new ways of using the oils that benefit me and mine.  When I get excited about something, I like to share it because it may just help someone else.  That's what I'm doing when I'm sharing about the use of essential oils in my life.

Now having said that, if someone is interested in trying out essential oils through Young Living then I am happy to help.  The reason I purchased the premium starter kit from Young Living was because not only did I get 11 starter oils plus a diffuser for one great price, I also became a wholesale member of Young Living which entitles me to a 24% discount off the regular retail prices.

If you'd like more information about Young Living and Essential Oils - check out my link here.

Have you used essential oils before?  Do you have a favourite?


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