Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moving Again?

I can't believe that just three short years from our last move that we're actually considering moving again.  Well, we are. Crazy, I know.  We've just about exhausted ourselves mentally and physically for the past few weeks trying to get our house in ship shape to even list.  It's amazing how many small things you let slide and how much clutter starts to take over our lives.

Well, I've been putting some of organizational expert Barbara Reich's rules in to play as I go through each cupboard and closet sorting and purging my way along.  It's a win win for me, my house is getting cleaner and I am donating some good items to the garage sale our school is holding as a fundraiser at the end of the month.

Still, I can only hope this house selling process isn't as painful as the last process.  It took us almost three years to sell our last house. THREE YEARS.  Mainly because it was a large expensive house in an area where only seniors could afford to buy it but don't want a house that big.

I still can recall the nightmare of trying to raise three small children in a house that was for sale literally the first 2.5 years of my son's life.  One showing we were just about to go out the door when my son picked that moment to throw up all over the floor.  We were frantically cleaning the floor, consoling the baby and ended up driving around in the van for an hour with a sick child and puke bucket only to come home and find out that the realtor never showed up.  I could have sat down and cried. I think I did.

It's amazing how much your family life can change in just three years.  We went from having toddlers running around to all three in school full time.  They may have been busy and active when they were little but they are even more busier and active and louder now.  Which is why we need more space.  Given that my oldest daughter has some OCD issues along with everything else, room sharing is no longer even an option. We all need our own space, something that I think is going to be even more important as they get older.  We picked this house based on what we thought we needed three years ago but unfortunately it no longer meets those needs.  Which is a shame really because I like my house.  If we could add on without adding on to our mortgage I would stay without question.

Then there's my husband who really wasn't sure about listing at all and kept hemming and hawing about the whole thing and then bam he sees a house this morning that he likes and all doubts are gone and he wants to buy it, like now.


My house is clean though.  Scary clean.


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