Thursday, March 28, 2013

Murphy’s Law Sucks

sickI’m not sure how much Murphy has had to do with this but it seems like once again the holidays roll along and the flu strikes.  It’s day four of spring break and I have already done more laundry in those four days than I do in an entire month.  Let’s see, two complete bed changes in one night including quilts, sheets, favored teddies and those stupid waterproof sheets that aren’t so waterproof, I’ve shampooed the carpet three times, sanitized an entire bathroom from top to bottom not to mention constant vigilance on the other two washrooms in the house and washed my hands every time I so much as touch one of the sick kid’s germy cups.

The best part? (insert heavy sarcasm)  This is the second time in two weeks that we’ve gone through this.  Never mind the last time was over Christmas holidays. Seriously?  There ought to be a law on how frequently you can get sick.  Why not add it to our schedule for that last week of January every year.  I would clear my schedule, make jello and make sure I have plenty of gingerale, popsicles and clean puke buckets on hand.  I probably would even go so far as to lay saran wrap down on every carpetable surface of my house.  Makes so much more sense, right?

What is it going to take to break this flu cycle?  I’ve wiped down every surface in the house, boiled toothbrushes and relentlessly nagged my children on washing their hands.  Nothing makes me more annoyed than when my 5 year old breaks down in a crying fit because I’ve made him go back and wash his hands.  OMG. 

To top it off, family are here visiting (not staying at my house thank goodness) that only come three times a year and when they visit we spend a lot of time getting the kids together.  Unfortunately, with the latest flu victim this morning means that we won’t be able to get together and once again, I’m stuck at home with three sick children and running a household on little sleep.  Gee, reminds me of when they were babies. 

I’m just selfish enough to resent all the things that I haven’t been able to do this week and relieved that we didn’t make special plans this week. 

In the meantime, I’m going to try and figure out how to build up all of our immune systems so we can break this stupid flu cycle. 

Anyone have any ideas?



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