Monday, January 21, 2013

Boogie Wipes - A Review

menthol30If you haven’t guessed from the name, Boogie Wipes are for wiping boogies.  But not just your average every-day wipes, Boogie Wipes are moist, saline nose wipes that instead of chafing your sensitive nose helps relieve and soothe that irritated organ.

My son gets frequent colds and when he does, the snot just seems to flow endlessly for the poor kid.  To his credit, he tries to wipe his nose and hates it when it feels wet and stuffy but inevitably he ends up with a red rash between his lip and nostrils and just about raw on the edges. All I could do for him was apply a little bit of vaseline as soon as I saw the redness start to develop. 

So I shouldn’t be surprised that this product was developed by two mom’s whose children suffered the same.  They had an idea and took it a step further by developing the first ever saline nose wipes.  Little Busy Bodies Inc was formed in 2007 and after a lot of research and development – Boogie Wipes was born. 

fresh30I think this is a great product.  It helped my son so much.  Gone was the irritated nostrils and gone was the vaseline smear on his lip.  I did have to keep on top of him or he would have gone through the package in half an hour since my son is a wipe once and toss kinda kid.  Still at $3.99 a package or $9.99 for a family size, I think these wipes are affordable and worth the expense for saving their tender skin. 

Boogie Wipes come in an easy to dispense package, much like baby wipes or hand wipes and comes in scents like Great Grape and Menthol.  The menthol is particularly great since it’s gentle scent helps unclog stuffed up nasal passages.  Much more pleasant than Vicks I can tell you.

Not just for wiping boogies, they are also great for wiping little faces in a pinch.  My kids hate it when we’re out and all I have on hand to wipe their dirty faces is those sanitizing wipes.  Yuck.  Toss Boogie Wipes in your bag and you’re covered.

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Have you tried Boogie Wipes?  What is your go to comfort for treating a cold?


*disclosure – I received a package of Boogie Wipes in order to conduct this review but was not compensated in any other way. The opinions herein are my own and reflect my true experiences with the product*

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