Friday, January 18, 2013

52 Weeks of Pinterest - Week One

Who has not heard of Pinterest these days.  It’s huge in the blogging world for promoting all sorts of blogs from DIY to cooking to parenting to home schooling.  You name it, it’s on there.  However, when every day non bloggers start mentioning things they saw on Pinterest, you realize just how big of a sensation Pinterest really is.

I’ve even heard it referred to as “porn” for women.  I could easily kill an hour just browsing and re-pinning whatever strikes my fancy and with a mobile app on my Android phone, it’s right at my fingertips whenever I have a few minutes to kill. 

Still, what do we do with all those pins?  Do we actually get around to trying any of the crafts or recipes on there?  So easy to “pin” for later that never really happens.  So that’s why I came up with


I am going to attempt to try one Pinterest thing on my boards a week.  (I figured 365 days of Pinterest was just way too much of a commitment). 

Enter Week One

I like to crochet but am not a great pattern follower, which I am told by a knitter is typical of people who crochet.  Go figure.  So when I saw these pretty flower coasters, I figured I would give it a try since the pattern seemed simple enough.

pinterest flowers

Pretty aren’t they?   Originally posted on Mollie and you can find the complete pattern details there.  Of course, I never have the right type of materials on hand and so while I had crochet cotton on hand mine was a 70.9g weight while the pattern suggests 50.

The brand I used was Lily Sugar’n Cream crochet cotton.


My first attempt at re-creating the pattern.  I used a 3.5 hook and so you can see it’s a larger pattern and the lacey detail is not quite as defined.  Still the colours are pretty and it crocheted up quickly.  I have to admit, I did struggle with a couple parts of the pattern and it wasn’t until about the 10th one I made that I finally got the instructions. LOL


By switching to a smaller hook (2.5) I was able to make a tighter pattern and thus you can see the lace detail more.  Still, I think I’d like to get the crochet cotton used in the original photos because they are just so Springy and cheerful.

These coasters make great gifts too.  My mother-in-law loves the colour yellow and I found a really pretty yellow and white striped crochet cotton and whipped up a set of 6 coasters for her.  When I say these whip up quickly, they do indeed.  I actually crocheted about 4 coasters once on a 1 and a half drive.  Yes, I crocheted in the car.  Frequent scenery checks keeps you from getting motion sickness.

Well that’s my first week of 52 Weeks of Pinterest.  What will I try next week?


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  1. Love it. I too have been obsessed with Pinterest. Sadly my attempts end up in the goofy 'fail' pages more often then not it seems!


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