Sunday, November 11, 2012

We or I should say.. I have a tendency to be a little too honest with my kids. I didn't sugar coat it when they asked where hamburgers came from or do people really eat cats and bunnies etc. I've even been known to drop little known facts into their ears like "men typically die before women" but don't worry mommy married a younger man so we should be good.  

So when O had a field trip to the Airport recently and shared how he saw the "interrogation room", you just know my kids want to know why they had an interrogation room at the airport.  Well, you should have seen my husband's eye start twitching as I told them that it's for the bad guys.  Of course, he thought I was going to get into the whole terrorist thing which I had no intention of going there.  As we later discussed, we do plan on taking our kids on an airplane at one point in the next year we do not want to freak them out with true stories of terrorists.  

In fact, we could only imagine our kids comments would be as we sat waiting for our flight.  

"mommy, do you think that man is a terrorist?"
"Dad, do you think someone has a bomb on them?"

Not that we'd be the first family to be hustled off an airplane due to suspected terrorist activities.  It seems lately all we hear is about extreme airport policies and with the Christmas season coming up, you know it's just going to get worse.

Oh and no I haven't gotten into the whole where do babies come from thing other than to say from mommie's tummy.  I'm just waiting for the "how does it get in mummy's tummy" question.  Oh boy.

How about you?  How honest are you with your kids?


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