Friday, July 20, 2012

Gas Station Coffee Is Just fine For Me

Have you ever stopped to wonder why people spend so much on their coffee?

I have.

Especially when people come in and bitch complain about paying $5.00 for a new release rental when they just spent $10.00 buying themselves a latte and a muffin.  At least a movie rental is good for 2 hours worth of entertainment.  How long does a grande latte last?

I will admit that I love Starbuck's Vanilla Latte.  When I was pregnant with my first and had gestational diabetes, it was pretty much the only coffee I could tolerate without adding sugar.  Sure the syrup had sugar in it but maybe the caffeine cancelled it out or something because it didn't mess with my blood sugar.

Three kids and one income later, I now no longer feel like I can really afford to spend almost $4.00 for a Vanilla Latte.  (We're talking Canadian pricing here, no idea what Americans have to pay). 

I switched to Tim Horton's for a while because really the coffee is so much cheaper except only I really don't like their coffee.  Then the whole scandal about Tim Horton's putting MSG in their coffee came out and yeah, I really only go for the donuts now.

Today, I just came back from the Co-op gas station with 2 small coffees (which are more like the size of mediums) for $3.56 total.  Which, of course, is what prompted this post.  Do you know what else I get?  Besides the fact that I'm a Co-op member and get a percentage back with every purchase, I also have a coffee card where like every 5th coffee is free, any size.  It's not just the Co-op who offers the coffee card either.  Lots of other gas stations offer these promotional items and unless the gas station is really grungy, most of them go out of their way to provide specialty coffee brews, often supporting local brewing companies.  It's no long just Folgers in your cup, you have choices of light, medium or dark roasts and decaf.

So yeah, I'm just happy with my Gas Station Coffee.  What about you? What's in your To-Go Cup?



  1. I love a nice Starbucks latte, or one of the new McDonalds Latte's just plain because they taste good. Those are special though. For a regular coffee I'd rather have stuff from home in a travel mug. I find gas station coffee is usually pretty lousy.

    I get it about the movie thing. A Starbucks drink is seen as an indulgence while a movie might be classed closer to an ordinary part of life.
    I don't know if that made sense. Let me see if I can illustrate. At the grocery store I'll try to get the best deal I can on the groceries I need. I use coupons to save .25 on toilet paper, and then on the way home I'll pay $3 for an icecream. It's what's seen as a treat that I feel ok spending extra on.
    Somehow you just need to market movie rentals as a luxury item. Either that or sell icecream with the movies.

  2. I am a starbucks snob. I got used to the taste of the coffee and now that is what I like. I feel like it almost a coke versus pepsi thing, you like one of them better and that is what you want.

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!


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