Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Little Easter Goodness

This year the kid’s spring break is two weeks and smack in the middle of it was Easter.  So since the kids didn’t get to do much in the way of Easter projects at school it was up to me to make sure they got to at least decorate some eggs (which we do every year anyway). Of course, I forgot to buy one of those little egg decorating kits and so I had to fall back on good old food coloring, which is probably what those kits are made of anyways so why have I been wasting my money all these years? Of course, the kids were like “where’s the crayon to colour on the egg” and I’m like “we have a ton of crayons pick one” and they were like “it’s not white” and I was like “so, it doesn’t have to be” and then they got down to colouring their eggs with crayons and dipping them into the food colour.  Cause hey, we’re just going to eat them so perfect works of art they don’t need to be. 

I even rearranged my kitchen table so that the natural light from the window would filter through onto the kids so I could take better (hopefully) photos and I think a lot of them turned out pretty nice. Thanks to some great tips I learned from Courtney at Click it Up a Notch when I participated in the SITS Pinterest challenge in March.  While I may never have any interest in learning the more technical aspects of photography, it’s still possible to take better photos with a just a few simple tips. 


Of course the children were spoiled for Easter.  Not only did the Easter Bunny play a little visit to our house but he also managed to stop by their Faraway Nana and their Aunt and Uncle’s house.  Oh my word, I’ve been underestimating Easter as a candy holiday.  It out beats Halloween hands down.  The candy you get on Halloween is small while Easter candy can be enormous.  Take the Kinder Egg for example


That is the size of the egg that comes inside the giant Kinder Egg the kids were so lucky to get.  Which brings me to my next point… a slight beef with Kinder Surprise.  I know, it’s a surprise you never know what you are going to get and that fact makes it all the more tantalizing.  Except some of the prizes inside the eggs are lame.  I mean really lame.  Not to mention the time when my daughter got nothing.  That’s right, zip, nada, zilch.  There wasn’t a tiny yellow capsule inside her chocolate egg.  Not such a happy day when her siblings both got something cool. 

So with an egg that size and for the price, we expected some pretty cool toys.  And in two cases Kinder Egg delivered.
DSC03952 DSC03951
Pretty cool right?  Then the four year old got this…


At first I thought cool, a deck of cards we can play with as a family.  But no, it’s some sort of punch out the shapes and then move the shapes around so you can recreate the pattern on the back of another card.  Yup.  I can tell you he was thrilled with that one.  And so it sits in the bottom of his Easter basket and probably will get recycled by me by the end of the week because I will keep finding it all over the floor. 

Still an Easter egg hunt and lots of chocolate made up for it.

DSC03938  DSC03942

How did your Easter go?



  1. They eggs turned out nice; bright and colorful! I have never heard of the Kinder Surprise/Eggs. I guess that is how they make money, doling out a few cheap goodies. (but the Tangagram game is kinda fun)

    We didn't color eggs or do much. We had the las minute surprise of paking up the 2 older boys to fly them out to Ohio. (post "I'm Back")


  2. Mine was surprisingly sweet after a hard Friday and Saturday with a sudden death in my little sphere of the world. Friends are glorius indeed as one came to the rescue and allowed us to enter into her world for a day of rest.


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