Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Different Kind of Post

This isn’t exactly the kind of post that I had in mind today.  I had planned on a wonderful little post sharing photos of our mini family vacation this past weekend.  But how can I even possibly attempt a light hearted post when at this very moment….

I hate my children 

There I said it.  Gasp if you want but truth be told sometimes they can be real little shits.  While I hit my head on the table I wonder where on earth did I go wrong.  The kind of day where if I had booze I’d be breaking it out. If I had chocolate, I'd be stuffing my face.

Do you ever feel like putting your head down and crying at the dinner table just because your 4 year old son, who used to eat everything in sight, comes up and frowns over the rice and declares “awwww, you know I only like couscous”?

 I tell you I pressed my fingers to my eyes and wiped away tears as I tried to cheerfully serve up their supper.  Normally I can take their criticism after all it’s not really personal but this has been going on all week if not longer.   He doesn’t like this, She doesn’t like that.  I’m not an unreasonable mom.  I don’t pander to their picky palates but I do try to cook generally what we all like and what they in the past have had no problems eating.  They ARE NOT ALLOWED to change the game plan at this stage.  I completely changed how we all ate potatoes and served up mashed for the past three years because E would only eat them mashed.  That was okay with me. I liked mash and so does everybody else so how fair is it that she suddenly declares she hates mashed potatoes or any other kind except for French Fries.  WTH?

Of course it’s not just about the food, it’s the constant bickering, pushing, shoving and annoying one another that also gets on one’s nerves.  I try to ignore it as  much as possible, refusing to referee their disputes.  But when they lock the poor kitty in the Barbie suitcase, tow him downstairs and bump around the house with it until my mom radar zones in and they lie to me we’re heading awfully close to a bedtime countdown. 

In fact, the stage 3 meltdown that occurred prior to the timeout is a pretty big clue that someone’s a little tired.  Followed by a ten minute crying fit when asked to take the suitcase back upstairs and then a hands down dispute as to who gets read to first and suddenly I’ve got two little kids in bed with the lights out at 6:30 p.m. with no books.
My oldest is currently having special time with dad and so I’m on my own as I listen to the 6 year old scream in her bed.  So after I check to make sure they are still in bed, I think I’ll be texting hubby to bring home some chocolate. 

Then when they are asleep I’ll go back up and check on them and I’ll feel that flood of love for them pour over me again and I will say a little prayer asking for the strength to keep plugging away day by day and to be a better mom. 

What about you… do you have those days where you simply can’t stand your kids?



  1. Are you kidding? I feel that way a lot. More than I think I should but I'm so comforted to know I'm not the only one.

    The constant bickering, the nonstop questions about this or that, the yelling, the sibling rivalry, the unsolicited comments about what I'm serving for meals....it gets to the point where I honestly can't stand them.

    And my husband makes it that much worse....the other night I cooked a nice, healthy dinner. He says, "These mini meatloaves are good but they're a little dry. You should've made some gravy to go with it and the mashed potatoes."

    I'm like, "Really? Why couldn't you just leave it at 'the mealoaf is good'? Why did you have to turn a positive comment into a negative? And if you want some damn gravy, make it yourself!"

    So yeah the kids see him making comments like that and they think it's okay to insult my cooking.

    Ugh, there are times where I just want to shout, "I quit!!!"

    Maybe you and I should plan a little siesta on a tropical island away from the grumpy kids....maybe they'll appreciate us more.

    Well, probably not but at least we can drink in peace and quiet!!!

    Hang in there (and just remember...karma's a bitch, my friend. They will have kids some day and their kids will drive them completely bat shit crazy too!)

  2. Girl, I totally feel like just laying on the floor and crying sometimes. Once when my 8 month old was nursing every 2 hours FOR 8 MONTHS, I woke my husband up. I was fully dressed and packed. I told him I was leaving and he could have the kids. I made it to the front porch before he caught me and told me to go to my mom's so he could wean her. She only liked me and I couldn't stand her. We are close now, though!

    Hang in there!

  3. I have days I want to cry and scream, but never days I don't like or can't stand my boys. They have autism spectrum disorders, so even with all 3 of them under 5 crying and throwing fits or SCREAMING bloody murder because the cooked rice stinks SO BAD or running into the wall over and over or whatever-- I can't get upset at them. I just get frustrated at the autism and sad because I know it's from my side of the gene pool.
    But I still have days I'd down a whole bottle of scotch if I could or devour a few boxes of chocolate and cry in a corner and want to bang my own head on the wall.

    Mine are extremely picky- due to the sensory disorder- I taught them at a very early age to make their own meals when they just can't handle the 'normal simple basic' foods I made for dinner.

  4. Yes, it was a lot- kept me very busy for quite a few years. Not only are they all 3 "spectrum" but two had/have asthma- so I was doing breathing treatments daily & lots of dr appointments on top of everything else.

    does their autism stuff get easier as they get older?- Only of you put a lot of time and work into them.

    And now that they are older and we homeschool- so I don't really see them in large groups of kids their ages- they often look 'normal-ish'- but with Gavin and Connor staying with Grandma this summer, it is really showing how much Connor is more like a 12 year old than a 17 year old..LOL

  5. The eating thing just kills me.could you eat Mac n cheese at least? And the constant switching things up on us... Ug!

  6. Thank God I'm not the only one. I have a "Thelma and Louise" thought at least once a week. You wanna come with me ? Maybe we'll meet Brad Pitt too. And when people ask me if we want a third, I sometimes want to slap them silly.


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