Monday, February 6, 2012

Minds out of the Gutter

Cause it's dirty.. heh heh
The conversation started innocently enough. Hubs had made chili the night before and we were forcing the kids were eagerly scarfing it up when I threw out the encouraging remark about how the chilis is good for you because you know ... it makes you poop.  Cause you know when you want to get down to their level, you gotta mention body functions.  Even hubs raised an eyebrow inquiringly.  Well duh... cause of all the fibre. Beans = Fibre. So yes, it's healthy for you and makes everything work properly to which my daughter jumps into the conversation with..

"My teacher has a ginormous ball"     Uh pardon?
"yeah", pipes up daughter #2, "and it's black"   *snicker* 

"Really so your teacher has a giant black ball?" Hubs and I make eye contact and snicker some more. 

To which my eldest daughter tries to convince us that no, they are not joking, they are telling the truth.

That's nice sweetie, we believe you.

And we prove that both hubs and I have our minds in the gutter... completely. 


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  1. Yeah, my mind is in the gutter a lot too. But if I snicker, they'll want to know why. If I can't help hide it, I run, hide, and text someone who understands.


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