Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Look

We needed to pop into Home Depot tonight to check out area rugs.  We had found a really nice one online that was on sale and was hoping that they'd have it in store so we could actually see it in person.  Of course, we had to do this errand with three kids in tow.  Normally, I'd rather have a root canal than take three rambuctious kids into a store loaded with power tools and sharp pointy objects.  But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Naturally the kids are bored and choose to entertain themselves by giggling like crazy, running around and hiding in between all the display racks of the hanging area rugs. So they're being a little loud and a little crazy but they were entertaining themselves and hubs and I were actually able to look at the rugs.  The kids weren't climbing on anything, hurting anybody or anything.  Then I turned and saw this young couple staring at my kids and that's when I saw the look. 

You know the look, the one that says... "Look at these kids, I can't believe their parents" and then the couple turns and share the look with each other and walk away.  

I don't know why but it really bothered me.  I went and grabbed my kids and decided it was time to leave. As we were walking away I asked hubs if he had seen the look that woman was giving our kids and he said "yeah" and added "they don't have kids".  

Obviously, they don't have kids or they wouldn't have been so judgmental about mine.  Realizing that didn't help though because you know it would be really nice if we could just go to the store without having to constantly get after our kids for acting up.  Then we wouldn't get those looks and we'd be a lot less stressed shopping for what we need.  The only store our kids truly love going to is Cost-co... for the samples.  Yup.  Free Food makes Cost-co just about the best store on the planet for our kids.  If we say.. "hey kids, do you want to go to Cost-co?"  They start to cheer.  "yeah, the sample store"   I actually don't eat the samples at Cost-co because I feel bad because we almost never buy what they sample.  

In the end kids will be kids. Give them a bit of space and they will run, give them boring surroundings and they will make their own entertainment.  Come to think of it, it would have been oodles of fun playing hide and seek inside those hanging rugs.  It's too bad that couple couldn't appreciate the good, clean fun my kids were having and it's too bad I let it bother me.  

So when's the last time you got the look?



  1. I am sure I got the look often, having 3 'mildly autism spectrum kids'- but I was so busy and occupied with the 3 of them, I never had time to notice people around me.

    They are all in high school now, no more stores and restaurants with 3 little boys all have their own version of a meltdown. Or their version of keeping entertained (by licking the floor or running into the wall repeatedly or screaming for 'no apparent reason at all')

  2. Ugh. I got it yesterday when I took my daughter into a doctors appointment. Both the kids were cranky and acting up and I guess we could be well heard outside the walls of the teeny office. The PA we saw was either having a bad day or did not like kids cause he made a couple comments about their behavior. Sigh...

  3. I completely ignore the look. Like in your situation, it was undeserved by people who don't get it. When it is derseved, I don't need it; I get it; my kids are out of control and I need help. Not a look. Now their father freaks out over the look and then over corrects.

    Oh, and I know I've been away forever, but I love the new look, the pictures and your subtitle. LOVE IT!

  4. The look is definitely not fun to get.

    Thanks Fae! I'm kinda proud of the title myself... it took a lot of figuring out.


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