Tuesday, February 28, 2012

lacking inspiration

I’ve been finding it very hard to post lately.  Partly due to lack of time.  I have no idea how people who work full-time can blog when I find it difficult working part-time.  Not only am I away from home three days a week but when I am home, then I’m back to playing catch up with dishes, laundry, vacuuming etc.  Not to mention getting meals on the table for the family after a hectic day at work. 

The other fact of it is that we’re all in a bit of  down turn at the moment.  We are struggling financially like so many others and that puts a lot of strain on our day to day living.  Plus we are still trying to come to terms with E’s diagnosis and were disappointed to learn that she’s recommending more assessments specifically in regards to Autism and Aspergers. If that’s ruled out then she’s leaning to Organic Brain Dysfunction.  Sounds lovely,right?

Reality is, we are coming to realize more and more just how difficult E can be and how much harder it is getting for us to cope with some of her behaviour.  We can no longer deceive ourselves and think that she’s just a normal child doing normal child things.  Most of the time she is… but it’s all the other stuff that’s driving us crazy.

It’s harder for family because they don’t live with her even though they do consider some of her behaviour as odd and they are prone to dismiss some of the psychologist’s more serious claims such as E is suffering from depression most likely.  What 8 year old suffers from depression? 

So posting has gotten a little difficult these days.  I have discovered that I’d rather not be a whiner after all so many others are going through much worse than we are.  Yet our focus is rather narrow at the moment and has left little room for inspiration on any other topics. 

I would be interested to know how other’s cope with these sorts of diagnosis….

Did you go through a grieving process or were you just so relieved you had a diagnosis?


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  1. I guess I never really thought about the diagnoses of my boys much. For me it was just life. (but I was raised in a home with an autism spectrum parent )

    Ki's Sensory disorder (and comorbids) are more challenging than C's high functioning autism, though, the SID is on the autism spectrum for Ki.

    Homeschooling is the only educational choice for us, K would have not survived public school at all. (the older 2 were in the public school for 2yrs)

    A good book is The Out of Sync Child, and the Out of Sync Child has Fun.

    Ki was on a fairly intense sensory "diet" for awhile, as well an actual fod modification diet. Both really helped.
    And he had to see a child pysch for depression when he was about 7. It tok a year before I could admit he was depressed enough. ( never knew a 5 or 6 yr old could be depressed like that)

    I am not sure E's DX, my boys have had DXes of moderate-to-high functioning autism, Aspergers, Anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Dyspraxia, Sensory Integration Disorder, etc.( the anxiety, OCD, ADHD are just 'behaviors' of the SID/Aspergers, if you ask me. More like they just have "autism spectrum issues" - everything seems to stem from that.

    BTW,my boys are now 18,17,15 and happy.

    Things will get better.


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