Monday, January 9, 2012

Things That Make Me Angry

1. People that have no clue how a four way stop works. Yes mam, you were first so you shouldn't be waving for me to go then looking at me like I'm the retarded one.

2. Go to load the breakfast dishes only to find hubby did a 3/4 load the night before. Damn it, I could have squeezed in the breakfast dishes. Now I have to empty the dishwasher before I can clean up from breakfast and get on to the rest of my day.

3. When I find out two out of my three kids have peed the bed on the same morning. Add to that the fact that one kid peed the day before but didn't tell us so we didn't find out until bedtime so i have three sets of bedding to wash on the day that we're volunteering at a bottle drive.

4. People who make snarky side comments about how "expensive" video stores are but not actually to you but to their friend so you can't respond. Um hello prices haven't gone up in over 10 years in the industry. We're still making the same 5.00 bucks a vid as we were doing in the 90s and yet, inflation has gone up, minimum wage keeps going up along with our lease, hydro etc and these people bitch about $5.00 and walk out if we don't give them the same special deal we offered two years ago.

5. Rude people. There's no need to be rude, especially to people in the service industry. The job is tough enough serving the public and they are human too, cut them some slack. A smile goes a long way.

6. On the other hand, I hate it when I'm being served by two teens or young adults who think it's appropriate to carry on conversations about how much they had to drink or how drunk they were at the party last night while they scan my groceries and bag them. My kid doesn't need to hear what your boyfriend thinks about your new tattoo. Seriously.

7. Finding dirty socks everywhere but the laundry basket. Better yet with toys in the toes.

8. Asking your child to put socks on only to have them come back to you saying they don’t have any socks in their drawer because you didn’t do the laundry.

Those are a few things that make me angry.  What makes you angry?


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  1. What is it with toys in socks? I thought it was just my kids!


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