Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year

crackedWell we have officially reached that point where I am more than ready for my Christmas decorations to go away.  While I love my decorations and am absolutely delighted to see it come out of their boxes and be distributed throughout my house, I find that four weeks of delight is enough.  Put the crap er heirlooms away until next year when I’ll be happy to see them again.
Things have been just a little too hectic around here for me to actually stop and contemplate the transition from 2011 to 2012.  Frankly, it was a quick toast at midnight, hugs all around, a kiss for hubs and then I couldn’t wait for the family to get out.  Seriously.  I had the kitchen lights off and was literally clicking off the Christmas Tree lights while shooing family out the door.  I did for decency sake wait until they started their car before I flicked off the outside lights but barely.
A Year in Review
When I look back at 2011, it’s hard not to focus on the negative so I am going to sit here and try to come up with positives.
  • We are all healthy. 
  • E got to learn a dance routine and perform on a real stage in a real theatre.. finally.
  • While we didn’t get to Disneyland or Alberta, we did manage to get in two camping trips which were a lot of fun.
  • All three of my children learned to ride their bikes without training wheels. 
  • I got a great new haircut.
  • We had a great summer playing in the pool
  • We won two gift certificate to really nice restaurants in our area
  • We joined a new Church, which we are really enjoying;
  • I learned how to throw my first pot and discovered a new passion
  • The girls started a new school in September which has been amazingly supportive.
  • I started selling on Amazon which gives me some spending money.
  • I lost 20 pounds (So I gained a few back, I still lost 20)
As for what we’d like to to in 2012 well the list is rather long
  • Go to Disneyland
  • Go up the mountain and take the kids tobaggoning
  • Paint our house
  • Do some necessary renovations on our house
  • Possibly sell and buy a new home
  • Get our business in a better financial position
  • Improve our own finances
  • Love our kids more
  • Play more with our kids
  • Yell less
  • Lose weight
  • Improve our physical fitness, I d’ like to get on my treadmill on a regular basis and do some yoga and pilates to help our backs.
  • Get our kids to either eat more iron rich foods or take a multivitamin consistently.
  • I’d like to finish one of my stories and submit it for publishing.
  • Write more., Blog More, read more blogs
  • Knit more, crochet more, craft more
  • Find more time for myself
  • Watch less t.v. doing nothing.
What are your New Years Resolutions?


  1. I was pretty much doing the same thing to my IL's on Christmas eve when they came over. I just wanted them to leave so the kids could get to bed and I could relax after a long day of cooking.

    Sounds like you had a lot of positives in 2011!! Hopefully the positives will continue in this new year!

    We're hoping to get to Disneyland again this year in May! We've gone every year since the kids were born and it would just seem odd if we weren't able to go this year! If your kids have never been, they will be AMAZED! It's such a fun place!

  2. Aww, it sounds like it was a bit of a tough year. Life goes through seasons.
    What is throwing a pot? Is that really throwing a pot? I've always wanted to throw tomatoes, but never imagined pots.
    Go you for losing 20 lbs!

  3. I was being a little sarcastic, although I really didn't know what throwing a pot was. :)
    That's such a very "domestic goddess" accomplishment.


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