Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Girl’s a Trooper

115-1599_IMG  You are never quite prepared to let your child go especially when it comes to trusting relative strangers to care for her.  Especially when every tragic story relating to children and hospitals are running through your head.  Especially when your baby girl picks daddy to go with her down the operating room to hold her hand while she goes to sleep.  I have to admit that hurt just a teeny weeny bit.

So when the waiting was done and they called us to go to the recovery room, there was no way I was letting Dad take over on this one.  Thank goodness they let us both go in because I really needed his strong, yet silent support as I had to calm down my extremely agitated child.  It’s not so much as what he did as just by being there he helped me be stronger because I knew that I couldn’t show how much I was affected to my agitated child.  It may sound odd of me to say but it fills me with a sort of  motherly pride to know that instinctively I knew how to reach her and by stroking her hair and doing a quiet shushing sound like I did when she was a baby worked. 

Still it was difficult to watch her be in discomfort and was with relief that the morphine kicked in (although it’s somewhat scary to think of morphine being given to a child) and she was able to sleep.  Still it wasn’t for another 6 1/2 hours that we were allowed to take her home.  A very long night of urging sips of ice water on her and watching her doze.  I’m not generally an inactive person and I have to admit it was hard just to sit there and be quiet and yet it was so peaceful watching her.

Too it was funny watching her alternate between the worst day ever and how much she hates this place to being a not so awful day because she got a stuffed bear from the Hospital and then Westjet had come by with toys for kids and even though she was in surgery her thoughtful nurse saved a toy for her.  You should have seen her face light up when the nurse asked her if she liked Little Pet Shop. Boy does she ever and now she has a LPS Hotel just like her big sister.  Then the drugs wore off and it was back to “I want to go home”.  

My highlight was when I was telling her about how wonderful it was to have the surgery done because she was going to be able to smell things again and she told me “I can smell already” and gave a little sniff.  Hooray! 

Still through it all she tried her best to keep taking sips of water even when she  threw it all up later.  Even when she didn’t want to swallow I was still able to coas her into taking her medicine.  Her tongue is swollen which I wasn’t expecting and so she talks a little funny but it is the most adorable sound in the world. 

Now she’s back to looking pretty tired and I feel bad because I’m going to have to lay down the law and make her nap.  It’s bad enough being the bad guy making her take the awful medicine.  Still she’s so much better today and I’m thankful that we are through it and look forward to seeing her grow healthier day by day!

That’s my baby J!


  1. Glad to hear that everything went well for your little one. I hope that all goes well and she gets better and stronger each day.

  2. I'm glad to hear it all went smoothly. It's so very very hard to watch your child hurting. She'll be back to her old bouncy self soon though and ready for the holidays. Give her a hug for me. :)

  3. It's such a relief when it's all over and you know she'll be okay, isn't it?

    When Cole had to have surgery a couple years ago (I think...it's a blur, can't remember exactly how long ago it was), he did so well. So much better than I anticipated.

    Hope she continues on with a smooth recovery.

  4. I was visiting a sick kid in the hospital the other day and thanking God I haven't been to the hospital with them since I had them. Will be praying for your little one to recover fully. So glad she's getting better.

  5. Glad to read that she's ok. And you too.
    Brave baby :).


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