Sunday, November 13, 2011

Santa Can Do Anything

listIt’s that time of year again when children turn their thoughts to Christmas which inevitably leads to Santa and their wish list.  Normally, I’m all for the list and even don’t mind them discussing it a little early so it gives me hints and ideas to keep an eye out for.

This year, however, I am in big trouble. 

E wants a parrot. A real one.  She has been on a parrot kick ever since her dad took her to the pet store and she saw this beautifully gorgeous one that’s rainbow colored.  We told her she could get a hamster.  She wants this bird.  Would you like to know how much this bird costs? 


That’s right.  $3.00 shy of a full grand.  Why don’t they add the $3.00 and call it a day?  E was pretty disappointed that we couldn’t afford such an expensive pet.  Not to be daunted though, she said she’d ask Santa. We had a pretty good response to this and explained to her that Santa knows our situation and would know that we couldn’t afford to take care of pet like that cause I’m sure it’s pretty expensive to care for a bird like that.

That worked for about a week.

Now she wants a robot, rainbow coloured parrot that talks.  I told her that I didn’t know if Santa could get her that because I don’t know if they make that.  To which she replied.  “Santa and his elves can make anything, mom”  like DUh.

So basically …. I’m screwed.

How would you handle this?


  1. OMG, she sounds just like my daughter...has an answer for everything!

    Gosh, I don't really know how I would handle that. My kids keep wanting to know if Santa's real...that's the hell I'm stuck in right now.

  2. Have her make a list. Get her a few things on her list. And then when she's disappointed at Christmas, comfort her and tell her maybe next year. Hopefully she'll forget or move on in the year's time.


    We've had this before and it repeats what you say in a parrot-ee voice :)

    We actually bought it for our Yorkie who goes NUTS over it.


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