Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Need Gift Ideas? Check Out Crayola!

If you are anything like me, you’re having a hard time figuring out what to buy your children for Christmas.  After all, aren’t their rooms stuffed chock full of junk toys already?

Not only do they want practically everything they see but then we also feel like we should buy it for them.  Why, I don’t know.  So for the past two years, I’ve been trying to find more balance.  Buy less toys thereby teaching them less is more and also throwing in practical gifts like new quilts for their beds.  Things they will actually use.

Which is why I love Crayola! I have been so fortunate in participating in Crayola product reviews this past year.  It has been a great reminder of just how amazing their products are and how Crayola goes way beyond crayons and markers. 

Four products that I have recently had the opportunity to review are:

fabPop Art Pixies fab snaps jewelry Ages 8+  $9.99

This is a great creative product for older girls. My eight year old daughter loved this.  She made her own customizable bracelets and necklaces that simply snapped together.  Get bored with that design? No problem!  It’s a snap, and I do mean that literally, to redesign a new creation.  Which means that this is not just a one-time use kind of product.  It comes with 32 fab snap patches, 6 snaps, 2 necklace cords, 3 bracelet bands and 5 multi attachments.  What I liked about this product was that it gave my daughter an opportunity to make something pretty that didn’t involve gobs of glue or dragging out the sewing machine.  I basically handed her the box and she was off.. creatively speaking.

Model Magic Fragrant Bud Vase Ages 5+ $8.49model

I’ve actually tested the Model Magic Presto Dots before and I do mean, tested because this is a product that even grown ups can’t help but try out. What I like about the Presto Dots is that there is so much you can do with it.  It’s almost like using modeling clay but without the mess. The scented model magic; however, is new.  It’s a nice touch which makes the flowers smell almost like real roses.  A big hit for my six year old.

firetruckDry Erase Fun & Learning Firehouse Pre k –k  $6.99

Okay, I wasn’t a big fan of the dry erase crayons because the last time I used them I ended up with a big mess, but I love LOVE this item.  This is so great for my 4 year old son.  With two older children having to do homework every night, it’s been a struggle finding something that O can do because he wants to have home work too. The pages are bright and crayonscolourful and full of great activities from tracing letters to connecting the dots.  Best of all, when he’s done he simply takes the mitt included in the Dry-Erase crayon package and wipes it all off.  I just make sure that I’m there to clean up the crayon bits that get erased so that it doesn’t end up on the floor.  Sometimes, I just let him do his thing and do the “erasing” myself.  I’m sure you could use dry erase markers with this book if you prefer; however, considering my son is a scribbler I’d rather stick with the crayons myself, felts having been banned until he turns 21.

Be sure to check out for more gift giving suggestions.

*Disclosure note: I received the above products to try out.  The opinions and experiences herein are my own as always!*

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