Tuesday, November 8, 2011


DSC03459I can’t believe it’s taken me a whole week to get these photos posted. It’s just been that crazy busy this last week.

The kids had a great Halloween from carving their pumpkins Sunday night, to dressing up and going trick or treating Monday night. 

Our street was a little quiet to begin with, I think we were like the first to be out.  Not wanting to be complete dorks by being the early birds we took a quick side trip down to the local haunted house to help kill some time.  We are friends with the people who host the haunted house every year and so feel we should visit despite the fact that even I’m a just a little too nervous to go through their haunted garage house.

This year though with our kids getting older it really hit home how we can’t really protect them from the more gruesome side to Halloween. We’ve tried.  We don’t let them dress up in gory things or let them watch scary movies etc. and I know they are absorbing the limits well when every time they see something a little gruesome even my four year old is pointing out to me “that’s not appropriate mommy”.   So it was a little harder visiting our friends this year because little eyes take in every detail.  Although I did turn one horror decoration into a nifty history lesson on the execution methods used in medieval England.  See.. there are lessons to be learned in EVERYTHING.


Disemboweling the pumpkin.


Pumpkin Brains mmmm


 A fairy, a Witch and a ?


 A Pirate, a Minnie Mouse and the Princess of Sheba

Watch where you’re pointing that sword Jack.

And I’ll leave you with a joke….

Why wasn’t the pirate able to watch the movie?

Because it was rated….



How does your family handle the overload of candy? Do you dole it out sparingly or let them go crazy so it’ll be over with faster?

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