Monday, October 3, 2011

New Arrival to the Family

Okay you can tell you’re a busy mom of three when it takes over a month to announce a new addition to the family.  Not that we aren’t excited because we are, it’s just the busyness of day to day living has caused me to rather neglect my blog of late.

So without further ado, I present:
 (short for Pussywillow)
It’s amazing, we attend a birthday party and come home with an 8 week old kitten.  Isn’t he sweet? 

We had full approval from hubs since he was the one whose ears perked up when he heard there were kittens available. Considering he is the designated litter box cleaner, I was surprised he was willing to take another another kitty.

Of course, the kids have fallen absolutely in love with this cat and so far he’s turning out to be just as placid and docile as Jingles.   It’s remarkable how much this kitty tolerates from the kids, letting them pack him around, put him in things (they love to make him beds) and play with him so much that he’s not getting his requisite 23 hours of sleep in.  ;)

Plus after some initial hissing and hesitation between the older cat and the baby, they have now hit it off.  The cutest thing was when Jingles actually caught Willow by the scruff when he was starting to fall off the stairs. 
Although the kitten has adjusted to the kids quite well, who are impervious to his hisses or growls when they disturb him, he doesn’t actually like to be held too much by us big people.  All I can think is that he’s so worn out by them packing him around that when they are in bed, he considers that his time.  *L*

Now how many of you thought I was going to announce a baby?


  1. Passing out kitties at parties in lieu of a goodie bag. How economical? My husband is the cat person, but not the litter box cleaner...ergo, no cats here. They're so cute when they're that small.

  2. How do you do it? How do you have three kids and pets? The rule in my house is no pets until everyone can clean up after himself.
    Though with a face like that, it would be hard to resist.

  3. Cats practically take care of themselves. Seriously. Not to mention the hours of entertainment they kids get out of it. ;)

    If you let your cat be an outdoor cat you don't even have to keep a litter box. We live in a busy area so we keep ours indoors and if it wasn't for the fact that hubs cleans the box.. we'd wouldn't have one never mind two.

  4. Well, you have certainly had better luck than I have!

    I got the kids a kitten recently and they loved her. But our older cat was not happy and refused to come indoors so the kitten spent most of her time crying. I think she missed her sister who was still back at the pet store. So the next day we went and adopted her sister. Huge mistake because now the cats play with each other and no longer want anything to do with the kids. Our cat hates both kittens and only comes inside now when it's raining.

    The kids fed the kittens and cleaned their litter box for the first week and now it's all on me to do it.

    I once threatened to take the kittens back to the pet store and Cole said, "Would you take us back to the hospital where we were born? I don't think so!" Aren't my kids the sweetest?? Could you imagine if hospitals had a return if not satisfied policy how many kids would be dropped off? LOL!


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