Thursday, October 13, 2011

Men are Clueless

cluelessI worked the evening shift last night.  After six and a half hours on my feet, I was feeling pretty tired. 

I came home to a completely dark house. 

Strange, hubs doesn’t usually go to bed before 10:00 and if he was planning on it he probably would have let me know.  That’s when the first suspicion dawned.

Instead of investigating by going upstairs to see, I chose rather to proceed into the kitchen and make my usual after work cup of tea. It didn’t take long of my banging around before hubs came downstairs. 

My suspicions were correct. Hubs apparently thought that after a long day with the kids and a six hour shift that I’d be in the “mood”.  Yeah, right.

To be fair, he picked up on my “I don’t think so” cues pretty quick and went back upstairs to put out the candles. I didn’t have to say anything which was probably a good thing and just continued on as if nothing happened.

But inside, I was stewing. What was he thinking?

What is it with men and women that they are never on the same page at the same time. 

Take mornings for instance, men wake up raring and ready to go. 

I can’t speak for other woman but as for myself, I wake up stiff and sore and more often than not groggy. Generally we’re listening to the kids or the cats running up and down the stairs, rattling the bannister as they go or screaming at each other.  I’m not thinking much beyond getting up, using the washroom and getting my tea and feeding the monsters so they’ll stop fighting. 

But give men a perfect opportunity like an evening alone together at home and they do what? 

Surf the internet, watch t.v.

And yet, if I told him how annoyed I was that he chose last night to romance me after a late night at work instead of the evening before when we had the entire evening to ourselves, his feelings would be hurt. 
And cause he’s a man, he won’t actually tell me he gets what I’m saying, he’ll just get that look on his face, tighten his lips and say nothing cause he can’t do anything right. 


How about you?  Are you on the same page as your man?

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