Thursday, September 15, 2011

Outrageous Mother-in-law

malcolm4I think I’ve had quite enough stress what with all that’s going on with E, setting up appointments, playing the blame game with myself, meeting teachers, etc etc.
What I don’t need is a phone call from my MIL advising me that while she was at her doctor’s appointment that morning, (we share the same doctor), she took the liberty of discussing E with him and made an appointment for my husband and I to meet with him Friday afternoon so we can get the ball rolling in regards to referrals etc.
What the heck? 
Now I know she loves E and she’s worried about her but this was completely stepping over the line as far as I am concerned.  I could not believe that she would interfere like that.  The message that it sends is that we are incapable of acting on our own kid’s behalf.  Infuriating.  Especially since I had already made an appointment and had even told her that, which she obviously forgot or didn’t think was soon enough, I don’t know.  How she figured we could attend a late Friday afternoon appointment with three children in tow, I don’t know.
She is extremely lucky that I am not the sort of person that would blast her.  I am aware or perhaps too fearful of the damage harsh words could make to the relationship so I bite my tongue. I’m sure she was aware that I was upset on the phone and if not then she certainly was aware when my husband got after her.  Cause believe me he got an earful.  Poor guy.
Of course, she apologized.  Not to me, mind you.  She hoped that hubby would smooth things over with me.  Chicken.  She did say it didn’t come about intentionally but because of her worry over E she didn’t sleep well the night before and as a result her blood pressure was through the roof so the doctor asked what was going on.  Whether that’s completely true or not I don’t know.  
However I might resent her interference it did work out for the good.  Here generally you have to make separate appointments if you need more time.  I already had an appointment booked for that morning for a quick prescription refill and another booked for Monday to discuss E.  When the doctor met with me, his first concern was what was going on so without worrying about taking up his time with an unrelated matter, he listened and made the referrals I needed. 
And as a result, by that afternoon I had a call from a pediatrician and have an appointment for next week.  Which is amazing cause it can take weeks or even months to even get in. 
Still it doesn’t change what she did and while I have to get over it and forgive her, it’s probably a good thing they are going away this weekend and I won’t see them for a bit. 
I bet a lot of you could share similar MIL stories.


  1. OMG Sounds like something my bat-shit crazy Mother in Law would do. Luckily, yours apologized, mine probably wouldn't even do that. All we can do is promise we will be better MIL's one day, right? Thats what I keep telling myself anyways.

  2. My MIL was bent another direction, and my husband's MIL and I don't get along at all. I am pretty blown away by someone making an appointment for someone they aren't responsible for. I might consider changing docs for a little privacy. Can't your doc get into trouble for taking care of your business with someone who isn't you?

  3. I could, but yeah, this is a bit over the top! Yikes.


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