Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kid Friendly Restaurant–Vancouver

Calling all Vancouver moms. I recently had an email from Charnelle letting me know that they have put in a kids play area in her parent's De Dutch Pannekoek House. What a great idea. You won't be surprised to learn that she's a mom to two young little girls because who else but a mom would realize just how much a place like this is needed.

De Dutch Pannekoek House is open for breakfast and lunch and offers traditional Dutch pannekoeks (thin, crepe-like pancakes) with over 30 different topping options as well as your basic bacon and eggs breakfast and sandwiches and burgers. The restaurant has a large kids menu with items such as “Baby Pannekoeks” and smaller portions of most menu items. It is located in Vancouver and the address is: 410 West 2nd Ave,Vancouver, BC V5Y1E2.


I say it’s a win win.  You get out of the house, the little ones get to play someplace new and who knows maybe you’ll get to connect with some other moms and start your own “breakfast club”. 

While I am from the Island myself and don’t live in Vancouver, I definitely plan to stop by the next time I’m over there.  I love Dutch Pannekoeks!


  1. What a great idea that restaurant has! It's bound to be a success. I just stopped by from SITS to say hello; hope you will find time to do the same.


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