Friday, June 24, 2011

Temporary Difficulties

It’s murphy’s law, I swear.  I finally start to get some new topics for post ideas and then I get hit with technical difficulties.  For some reason Blogger has stopped saving my posts and refuses to publish them.  Of course, this only occurred after I had written a completely brilliant post.  Which is now lost and I don’t know about you but when I’ve written it all down once, I really don’t like having to figure out what I wanted to say all over again.  I guess it wasn’t that brilliant after all.  Winking smile

Add to the fact that blogger doesn’t seem to be aware of this issue and any old advice requires switching to Chrome.  Been there done that, bought the t-shirt.  I switched back because while I loved it, it didn’t work well with editing and some other sites I used just would work with it.  So….

Anyways.  I’m trying something new, Windows Live Writing, so we shall see if it works before I waste any more time on posts that will end up wherever ghost posts go. 

If this works… I’ll be back to posting soon. 

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