Friday, May 20, 2011

Wanna See Something Gross?

Ever since moving to this community last year, one particular grocery store has won the majority of our business.  Despite the fact that we have two grocery stores, one literally 2 mins from my home and another a discount type Superstore btween us and our favourite store Safeway.  

Why do we love Safeway?
  • they have just about everything I'm looking for
  • they break down their prices by grams on the price tag making it easier to comparison shop
  • they often have great buy one get one deals
  • the first Tuesday of every month is customer appreciation night and you either get 10x the airmiles or 10% off your grocery bill. 
  • oh and they take airmiles.  We've racked up a ton of airmiles since we started shopping there.
You get the picture.  Sounds like a perfect store to customer relationship, doesn't it?  So what's the point of this post and when are you going to see something gross.....

Well, you see all the stores are now coming up with their own "brand" of products and obviously they make their brand at least 10cents cheaper so you'll buy it.  Only be prepared... you might just see this

That's right.  A worm.  MMMMM extra protein.  Okay, that's disgusting. I'd never say that but my dad would. 

Oh and get this, I never noticed the worm until after I had heated it up and served it out to my kids.  Because hubby wasn't home that night, I just dished it out.. thinking boy there are a lot of yucky kernels in this can, set the plates on the table in front of my kids and turned my back to serve myself when there it was... wormy goodness.  I turned to my kids to tell them to stop eating the corn but of course, even though they are supposed to wait for me they were busy shoving it into their greedy little faces.  I just about heaved as I grabbed their plates and quickly scrapped off what was left.  That was when I loved my BB all over again as I took photos and sent them to hubby at work.  It was enough to make him gag too.

Well, needless to say that's turned me off buying store brand and will never buy store brand again.  I packed up the rest of the cans in my cupboard, left the worm in the bowl and sent hubby (cause I'm a big chicken) down to the store to show them Mr. Worm and get my money back.  Of course, the "people" who would deal with this situation wasn't available, they were on break so she'd take our number and someone would get back to us.  Two days later and we've yet to hear anything.  She did reimburse us for the can of corn and the other products we had brought in.  Still, it would have been nice to get a phone call to know they are taking it seriously.  I mean, it's not like we're going to stop taking our business there because why shoot ourselves in the foot, but we definitely will not be being their Store Brand ever again. 

So was that gross enough for you?  Have you ever found something gross in your food?


  1. ewwwwww .... I'll be sifting through my veggies this week :)

  2. Yuck!! One time I found a spider in a can of frozen juice and my sister just recently found a black hair in a can of water chestnuts! You never know what you'll find in your food!!

  3. Eeeeewww...OMG....eeeewwww!! I have several of those same cans of corn!!! I always buy the store brand of canned veggies because they're such a good deal. But you better believe I'm gonna be double checking the contents when I open those cans. That is SO gross.

    That's totally sucky customer service too that the manager never called you to at least let you know how seriously they take this. Maybe you should consider contacting their corporate office??

  4. I've never found anything in my food. Once I found two bad eggs in the dozen I bought. I ruined two muffin mixes. Errr.

    The funny thing is the Safeway where I live is one of the more expensive stores and I pass it up to go to less expensive stores further down the street.


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