Monday, April 18, 2011

Life is A Special Occasion - Hallmark Review

For years Canadians have looked to Hallmark to help celebrate special occasions, holidays and milestones.  More than just greeting cards though, I have always enjoyed popping into the local Hallmark store just to see what new special items they have in. 

Which is why I was delighted to participate in a Press Pause Panel for Hallmark Canada.  In 2011, Hallmark is celebrating the fact that "life is a special occasion" and wants to remind Canadians to take time, pause and appreciate the everyday moments.

When I got my "Press Pause" package in the mail, the anticipation I felt on opening that box was akin to my youthful days of opening presents from Santa. 

First up was the Feminine Grand Bag:  a trendy bag featuring bright paisley designs on a pink background with fabric handles.  If you need a large bag to hold a gift or gifts, then this bag surely will fit the bill.  Everything that was in the box was inside the bag too.  MSRP:  $4.99.

Watson the Raccoon, Interactive Storybook & Buddy (with Plush):  Watson is a delightful plush Raccoon that reacts to different sounds and phrases while you read the book the aloud.  Watson and the Case of the Sneaky Stealer interactive book is FREE with each purchase of Watson the Raccoon with additional books available to purchase.  What I liked about this product was that it didn't take over my role of reading to my child.  It came along side and complimented our reading time together.  We had lots of fun "talking" with Watson.   MSRP:  $9.95

Memory Keeping Recordable Frame:  Hear the story behind your photo.  This lovely photo frame is made of solid wood and allows for up to 10 seconds of recording time.  What I enjoyed about this product was that it is perfect for that "hard to buy for" special someone.  In my case, the hard to buy for people always turns out to be the grandparents. They already have so much.  What doting grandparents do always love though is a nice photo of their grandchildren.  Hearing their adorable voices immortalized only adds to the charm.  MSRP:  $29.95

Easter Web Cam Greeting Cards:  Watch this card come to life on your computer.  Just take this card and visit  Webcam is reqired to view augmented reality.  Now I don't have a webcam so I wasn't able to experience this myself. However, after visiting the Hallmark link I was able to watch a demonstration video of how it works.  It looks pretty cool and I will be sending this card off to my niece and nephew whom I am sure will be delighted.  MSRP:  $5.99

Recordable Conversation Books:  Create memories with recordable conversation books.  Each page features one or two open-ended questions to prompt an imaginative response from your child.  With the touch of a button the conversation can be played back.   How much fun is that?  Here is a chance to record some of those cute things kids say.  Recording was a breeze and my daughter really enjoyed sitting down with me and having that one on one conversation.  As you can imagine with three children, one on one time can be hard to come by.  She also loved to hear her voice come out of the book. $29.95

Totally Ticklish Duck:  I've saved my favourite for last.  This plush duck is absolutely adorable.  With a press of the button on her webbed foot, she begins to sign a delightful "hippity happity it's spring" song while flapping her wings that is until..... she gets tickled under the her wings at which point she begins to giggle.  Well to say her giggling is infectious is putting it mildly.  The more you tickle, the more she laughs even pausing to gasp for breath before laughing some more. 

Well this duck cracked us all up.  If you're feeling down and blue, it's guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  It's just so delightful.  The other day, one of the kids had fallen and hurt themselves and was crying and sniffling away when I said.. get the Duck out. Sure enough tears were dried and smiles reappeared as Ducky began to sing.  I even let my oldest daughter take it for show and tell to her class and it went over with a huge success as she said... "even my teacher laughed".  Well couldn't help laughing at this adorable duck.  I can't wait to take it to my mother's this weekend, she'll get a real kick out of it.    MSRP:  $29.95 or $14.95 with the purchase of 3 cards.

Of course it doesn't stop there. Hallmark has many many other wonderful items for families to share memories together whether its for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation or even to celebrate a new arrival. 

Disclosure note:  I received the above items complimentary from Hallmark Canada in order to conduct my review.  The opinions offered herein represent my real life experience with the products and are my own honest thoughts. .  


  1. I still loving real-life, "old fashioned" cards in the mail to my friends!


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