Thursday, April 21, 2011

Embarrassing Health Details

I think most women will head to the doctor's office over almost everything except .... when it comes to "down there".  If you're like me, you'd rather have a root canal than discuss anything the least bit private to do with the nether regions. 

I know it's a simple little test and one that should be undergone every year or two but when you've been through 3 doctors in the last 5 years, it gets a little difficult to suck up the courage and just do it.  I keep thinking I'll develop a better rapport with the new doctor until I feel comfortable only I never do.  Mainly cause I generally put myself and my health issues last and I procrastinate on going to the doctor. 

Which is why it's been four years since I've spoken about this particular problem with my doctor.  Until recently that is.  I've hemmed and hawed and even googled my symptoms online trying out various weird phrases becasue it's just that bizarre. 

My diagnosis:  I have a prolapse.. most likely from my bowel.  Not a really serious condition but something that should be treated and looked at.

Of course, I can't go into my doctor and tell him that I've googled and found out what's wrong with me so now treat me.  No.  This is a new doctor for me.  I've only met him last August and while we've seen each other somewhat frequently the last 3 or 4 months due to my diabetes, I'm still trying to get comfortable with him.  It doesn't help to have my 60 year old MIL laughingly tell me that the Dr. kept calling her by my name at her last appointment. Uh, I know I'm aging but seriously equating me with a white haired 60+ woman?  I know he's busy and has a lot of patients but seriously!

Not to mention the call to make the appointment. They always want to know what you want to see the doctor for.  Let's see I have a lump coming out of me and I figured the doc should take a look.  Nope. I'm the more squeamish type.  I simply say bad back and "feminine problems".  I kid you not. That's what I said. 

Of course, as soon as I tell him what's going on he immediately says it could be a prolapse.  Good, this is a positive sign.  Until he decides that he needs to examine me.  Shit.  I was hoping to be referred to a gynecologist and so I could preserve the "you've never seen my vagina" relationship that I currently hold with my doctor. 

Fast forward, he examines me and thinks he might have felt it.  Of course, today was the one day that the lump was not immediately present like it has been for the past four days.  It doesn't matter that I point out that it's not as noticeable when I lie down.  It's when I sit or stand that it's the most present. 

So what does he do?  Sends me for physio for my back and recommends kegels.  I could literally cry as once again, I feel like the doctor doesn't take me seriously. It was difficult talking about this and now I'm going to have to go back in 2 or 3 weeks after I've done physio and kegels and go through it all again. Yeah, I know it shouldn't be a big deal but I've got hang ups I guess.

Not to mention we can't afford physio.  I prefer chiropractic care but haven't gone because we just don't have the money.  We have to pay up front for those costs, submit receipts to your extended health care and hopefully get something back.  When I tell my husband I'm supposed to go for physio I can tell he's immediately stressed about where we are going to get the money.  We need brakes for the van, J has another dentist appointment which we have to pay $300 for and the store is still just scraping by.  

So I go for my first physio appointment and find out my pelvis is twisted and most likely has been since I gave birth to my 12 pounder 4 years ago.  Considering that he got stuck and considering how the nurses jumped on me and pushed me around when I wasn't able to keep pushing, it's not surprising I have a bad back.  Still, the therapist was very encouraging in that we should be able to correct the problem in a couple of weeks.  Yeah.  No long drawn out treatment plans.  That makes hubby feel better.

So I've been given stretches to do and I'm working on the kegels when I think of it but somehow I don't really think the kegels are going to correct the prolapse because of the type I think I have. 

But I'm willing to try and so I'm practicing the elevator.  If any of you have been through this.... you will know what I mean.


  1. So sorry ... I figured when that little prego stick came back positive that was the end of any and all privacy I might have enjoyed up to that point. And I was right :)

  2. Shut the front door....your baby was 12 pounds!!! OMG, yeah, I can see why you have a prolapse issue and a twisted pelvis!

    Hopefully the physio will help but it sounds like you may still have to go back to the dr to deal with the prolapse issue. Isn't surgery the only thing that will correct it?

  3. Well, maybe all of this will take care of the problem without anything more. And a 12 pounder. Jesus.


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