Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Sick Day and I've Cracked

It's a sick day.  I.E. my youngest was up in the night sick. First at 2:30 a.m. to announce he threw up in his bed and then again at 4:30 with a raging fever.  The fever had been sweeping through his preschool and I had hoped that we had missed it.  Of course, with my poor bubba feeling so crappy there wasn't much I could do but get up with him, feed him advil and put on Treehouse.  Nothing like a little t.v. to distract them from their woes. It gave the medicine a chance to kick in and by 5:30 we were back in bed.  Hubs never even cracked an eye open.  It figures. Worse because I've been playing Poppit on Pogo lately, all I could see when I closed my eyes was perfect coloured ballon formations that I popped. I hate nights like these.

Of course, I had a hard time falling back asleep and 7:00 came way too fast.  Now is when I would have appreciated the foresight of having made the girls' lunch the night before because while Hubs takes the girls to school, I couldn't leave him to shower, make lunches, breakfasts and hustle the girls along all by himself.  Especially since he doesn't like dragging himself out of bed until the last possible minute. 

O slept in until 9:44 and if I was smart I would have climbed back into bed for an hour but I figured he'd be up any minute.  He seems perky and fever free so far so hopefully he got a short bout of it and I hope too, that frequent hand washing will keep me from getting it.

So it must be the lack of sleep and generally all fuzziness I feel that had me pouring apple juice into O's cereal this morning and that's when I said.. "I've cracked, completely cracked."

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