Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Sex?

Do you remember, you know before kids, when any sort of holiday usually meant celebrating it with a little nookie?  Christmas stockings were filled with all sorts of naughty goodness? ;) 

These days, we're lucky if we can stay awake enough to change into our jammies and slip between the sheets.  If it isn't hubby nodding off on the couch then it's me.  Then too, sex wasn't strictly regulated to the bedroom.  Four years of living with the in-laws will dampen your creativity. 

Sigh.  I miss those days.


  1. Is it horrible that I do NOT miss those days?? I think we've been married just as long as you guys have. I've definitely lost that lovin' feeling!!!

  2. God, I too miss those days. God, how I miss those days.


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