Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Been There Done That

Well now that I've been fired by my husband, (a rather long story that has to wait for another day) it's either find myself a job outside the home or figure out some way to make extra money while staying at home.  It still does not make sense for me to go back to work just so I can pay out half my income in daycare costs and O has another 2 years before he's in school fulltime.

After my long stint in the office world, I'd really value some way of being creative for employment.  Is it so selfish of me to want to do something I'd actually enjoy?  Plus, I'm tired of working evenings.  I've done it for 6 years and while it was the perfect solution when the kids were younger, it really ate into our family life once E started full days at school.

It really is too bad I can't get paid for reading.  Well, I could if I was an editor but I don't have the educational background for it.

So I'd like to make things and my theory is that if I made a variety of simple items, I won't get bored with what I'm making nor put so much time into it that I'd never garner a profit.  Sounds easy, right? Not so much.

My first idea, last year I made some really nice Christmas cards only one simple search on Etsy revealed 87 pages of a variety of Christmas Card offerings.  It seems like everything I can think of someone else has not only made it but made it better than I ever could. 

It's enough to discourage a gal.


  1. I know what you mean. Anything I could do someone already has and way better than me. Disappointing to say the least.

  2. Stopping by from SITS...

    Don't be discouraged! You just haven't found YOUR THING yet... just think, someone invented THE PET ROCK for crying out loud! I am positive you can do something better than that... like stenciling diaper cloths with animal and letter stamps or something cute... how's that for an easy and fun idea?
    Painted Monogrammed spit up rags for kids... Wow! Am I a genius or what? And please don't tell me someone else is already doing this... I said don't tell me!
    Have a great day!

  3. Stopping from SITS. Keep your head up! You'll find something. :)

  4. You can do it! And it's ok to take a little time to work on it. Good luck!

  5. I can completely relate. I don't think it's selfish at all for you to want to do something you enjoy. I know I would love to do something I enjoy! I spent a no-sleep night a while back brainstorming any possible way I could think of to bring in an income. After three pages of ideas, I realized that none of them would work. Similar to the Christmas Cards - already been done. I hope that you find something for you, though! And then maybe you can tell me how to find something LOL


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