Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Journey To Promethea - Movie Review

If you are like me you just love historical movies like Gladiator, Rome, King Arthur, Kingdom of Heaven and the list goes on.  These movies are known not only for the great story lines but also for the acting and amazing presentation of the historical period. 

So even though I knew this title was a small title coming out this week, meaning we didn't get many copies of it in to rent in our video store, I still set it aside with the pile of movies that I wanted to watch this last weekend.

I was hopeful.  After all the cover art made the movie look promising and I figured it was going to be this little gem of a movie that we will be chatting up all week long. 

Obviously you can tell from my preamble that this was far from the case. 

I probably spent the first 20 minutes laughing at the stupidity of this movie before we finally turned it off.  The acting was terrible, the set, the design, the dialogue.. everything about this film was awful.  You take medieval peasant type people, send them off into the wildnerness doomed to wander all the days of their lives because of some curse and they do it too... in sparkling white shirts and bold green and read skirts.  Their faces are dirty but their clothes are a walking advertisment for Medieval Tide. 

In another scene this 20 year old "boy" was being taught to milk a cow because he never knew when his father might not be around to help him, when his brother comes up and says "that's not how you do it, do it as you would to yourself, a gentle tug and pull".  I kid you not.. that is the line in the movie. 

Watch the trailer.  If I had watched this first, I never would have watched the movie at all. 

I have to say that I am surprised that someone like Billy Zane, who is an experienced actor, would even be in something like this.  It reminded me of the time we watched In the Name of the King, starring Jason Statham.  After watching him in all those movies like Crank and Transporter, it was hard to watch in something as poorly done as In the Name of the King.  I mean, can the actors not hear how bad the dialogue is?  Don't they get an idea of how stupid the story is when they read the script? 

So don't waste your money on this one unless, of course, you'd like a good laugh!

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  1. How did I miss this post, this review?! I have to see this movie! I HAVE TO!!!


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