Sunday, October 24, 2010

Easy Peasy Halloween Ghosties

I had an epiphany.  While I consider myself a crafty person, I generally have to rely upon someone else's ideas.  I am a sponge.  That I am.  AND even if I do have an original thought ;)  I never can get it to turn out like I wanted to.. case in point E's "Boo" costume for halloween years ago.  I wanted to recreate little boo's outfit from Monsters Inc. 

So I was particularly pleased when this little inspiration struck and I have to say, that as far as I am aware this idea is 100% me.  The idea came when I was walking past a neighbour's house all decorated for halloween.  They had what look to be skulls hanging in white nylons strung along their porch.  I was wondering if I could do a similar effect but with ghosties.  I think I came up with something better and cuter and even better yet, something the kids could help me with.  I was actually able to draw something that was pretty close to what I was imagining and E and J were able to sew this up with minimal help from me.  All I had to do was keep threading the needle for them.  Of course, I couldn't leave O out, so I placed the stitches but he got to pull the needle and thread through the fabric. 

What you will need:
  • paper
  • white felt
  • white thread
  • googly eyes
  • sewing needle
  • black thread or felt for mouth
  • cotton batting for stuffing

Depending on size or how many ghosts you'd like to make you can get at least two out of one felt square.  Ghosts are double sided.

Draw a ghost on paper, cut it out and use as pattern for cutting the ghosts out.  Pin your ghosts together, and using a overcast stitch sew your ghosts up leaving a space for stuffing to be inserted.  Stuff lightly.  Glue eyes and felt and voila you have an Easy Peasie Halloween Ghostie.

I liked it so much I decided to do a bat too.  I think it still needs a mouth though.  I'm working on that.

The plan now is to attach a string to the top and hang them up.

So, what's your favourite Halloween craft?


  1. That Boo costume is genius! Adorable.

  2. The Boo costume is amazing! 100x better than the so-so Monster costume I've created for my sone this year. Ah well, he'll still get candy.

    Love the ghosties. Even more, I love that your kids helped you sew them. Maybe the bat can be a vampire bat and he can have some white fangs. just ns idea.

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  4. I thought your Boo costume was marvelous! and your Ghosties and Bats? You are one creative mama! I love the playfulness of Halloween! Hope yours is Boo-rific!

  5. great costume, I sooo want to make a costume but I suck! ha!
    I love those little ghosts and bats, I need to learn how to sew. that would be so helpful!

  6. Are you kidding? That Boo costume is the bomb!!!!!

    And the ghosties....soooo adorable!!!

  7. Oh! I think the ghosts are cute! But man, that Boo costume is AMAZING! I love her buggy- monster eyes!


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