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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kids Drive Me Crazy

Kids Drive me Crazy.

What kid law is out there that says the minute your mother gives up and decides to grant you your request to have your water baby back, making your sister take her own water baby instead, after you put up a big huff, rant, rave and all around meltdown about the fact that your sister was playing with your water baby (which your sister was admittedly taunting you with) that you sneak back after I leave and give your sister back your water baby.  ?!?!?

This absolutely boggles my mind.  You hear that... it's the sound of me banging my head agains the wall.


  1. We had a similiar situation today...I told them to work it out or the toy in question goes. The toy went. I don't sometimes have no rhyme or reason. But, they got along after that...probably commiserating about what a mean mommy I am! :)

  2. A glorious example of why I've convinced myself it is a good idea to not have another child. Thank you for the reminder! :)

  3. because that's what they do, only in our house it's all about the lego.
    We have a blogging award for you over at our site, so come on by to get it :o)

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