Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Big Stringy Mess

I've been enjoying making rag rugs.  When I get the opportunity that is.  I found several tutorials online took what I wanted from each and so far have successfully made one rug.

However... while I enjoy the crocheting I do not enjoy the prep work to get to the crocheting part.  One recommendation was to tear a bed sheet in alternating strips so that you get one continuous string so to speak.  That's all fine and dandy but what the person failed to mention was the frayed threads that accompany this.  I probably spent over two hours de-threading the whole thing just so I could wind it up into a ball.  I was heartily tired of the process and when it looked like I'd need at least one more sheet to finish off my rug, I was bummed. So I thought maybe if I actually took the time to cut the sheets I wouldn't get so many loose threads. I was right I didn't get too many frayed, I was happy and in no time at all I was crocheting again.

That is until I washed the rug.  The entire part of the rug that was cut... had loose threads all over it.  I'm going to have to spend some time trimming it all away to make it look better. That project since has been put away.

So this time around I knew it was going to be a time consuming process but I had forgotten just how much it was.  But money is tight and I really would like new bath mats upstairs.  So I found another worn sheet, thanks to my MIL and starting tearing away.  Well, it seems like it took forever and now I only have one ball and if I am going to be able to make a rug big enough, I am going to need another sheet done.

Does anyone know out there how to rip a sheet with having a million threads.  Am I ripping it wrong?

I don't know, maybe I can convince hubs to be on string duty.  If not, I think I may have to give up making these rugs.  I don't mind frayed edges, that's all part of having a rag rug.. but frayed loose threads... that's another story.

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