Friday, April 23, 2010

Toys? Or Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Here is a list of toys that we have had to take away from our children.

1.  Skipping Ropes.  When they are not tying each other up with it, they whip it at each other causing the hard plastic handles to thwack the other kid.

2.  Plastic Golf Clubs.  O got this for his birthday last year complete with mini caddy.  Plastic clubs were not used to hit the ball, they weren't even used as a bat.  Instead they were perfect instruments to beat each other over the head with.  The clubs had to find a new home.  The mini caddy was missing its wheels by the end of the day.

3.  Plastic baseball bat.  See plastic golf clubs.

4.  Plastic kid's shopping cart.  Do you think they used them to pretend to shop for groceries?  Uh no.  They promptly took off the removeable basket so they could stand on it and use it for a scooter throughout the house.  The plastic basket?  After having pulled the handles off of it, it mainly was worn on O's foot as he pretended to have his foot stuck in a bucket like the "magination movers".  Of course, hubs yelled at them and I said why bother the sooner they break it the sooner it's gone.  We decided not to wait for that and are going to sell it in the garage sale to some poor unsuspecting parent. ;)

5.  Plastic play bin with wheels.  It's supposed to be their dress up box and most of the time it's used for that until the day their cousins came over.  They dumped it out and fortunately I just happened to come to the bottom of the stairs where I saw my nephew sitting in the bin at the top of the stairs with O behind him.  Was he going to launch it?  I don't know.  I never ran up those stairs so fast in my life. 

6.  Plastic Drum Set.  Well I'm sure I don't need to explain this one.  Thanks Nana. (note the sarcasm)

7.  Plastic flutes.  Again, no explanation required.  Thanks to the other Nana. (again note sarcasm)

8.  Toy Computer -  J for some strange reason thought it was waterproof as she hucked it into her play pool.  Course we didn't so much as take it away as it was ruined.

9.  Felts/Crayons/Pens/Paint.  Not so much taken away as more under strict tabs.  If so much as a pencil makes it way upstairs I am guaranteed to find it on the walls.  No matter how much trouble he gets into for it he keeps on doing it.

10.  Kid's porcelain tea set.  O thought it was great fun to dump them on the floor and bang them around.  The teapot is broken and the rest of the set now resides high up on the fridge.  We only had it a week.  It was a present for the girls.  They got to play with it like twice.  I think I will have to wait until he's a little older before we bring it out again.  Cause being the baby of the family, he's always here when they are.
I am sure there are several more I can add to this list and I may come back and edit this post once it comes back to me.  In the meantime, are your kids like mine?  Do they find more er creative uses for their toys?

What have you had to take away from your kids?


  1. I don't think I've bought a toy that's been used for its intended purpose. At least they're...creative?


    Oh yes, noisy toys are BANNED in my house. The relatives still try to sneak them in though!

  3. I don't have any kids yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll have many things that needed to be taken away from them when they come along. :P

    This post was really cute.

    Thank you for visiting me on my SITS Day! :)

  4. There's quit a stash of toys out back that have mysteriously disappeared over night. Most of them are loud toys but there are some things that my son likes to swing around like a weapon. My daughter doesn't seem to have the same destructive tendencies.

  5. Happy SITS Saturday!

    We have foam golf clubs and balls but they are still dangerous.

    I curse the day we ever bought play doh. Our beige carpet still has pink and green flecks from the "Ice Cream Shop" the Easter Bunny dropped off.

    Love you blog, come stop by Ellie-Town sometime. :)



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