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Friday, April 30, 2010

Three Canadian Company Reviews

I was recenlty offered the opportunity to try out some Canadian products and since I am proudly Canadian, I was very happy to oblige.  So often it seems we get inundated with advertising for products from other countries that are often not even available to Canadians.  Too little do we realize what great products there are out there that are much closer to home.

Radiance Exfoliating Body Scrub  - I have to say I really enjoyed this.  It is a very light milky sort of wash and yet it still lathers up nicely with a cloth or scrubby puff.  The scent was light and fresh.  It contains Royal Jelly and JoJoba beads (don't you just love say jojoba?)  It definitely left me feeling clean and smooth. 

Citrus Facial Scrub -  I wasn't sure about this one at first.  When you first open the lid you see this dark almost mud like substance and a waft of citrusy smell assails you.  There doesn't appear to be Cinnamen or Nutmeg in it but for some reason, it vaguely reminds me of pumpkin pie.  What you do is take a little of the paste out of the jar and add a wee bit of water to make a thinner paste which you then would apply to your face in gentle cleaning motions.  Despite my first misgivings, I was sold.  My face instantly felt smoother.  Recently I had been struggling with a dry spot on my face and every time I put foundation on I'd get flakes.  Well after 2 years of using this scrub, my dry spot was gone.  I absolutely loved this stuff so much that I didn't hesitate to take it into the shower with me for my knees. 

Then I tried the Naturally Ageless Line Diminishing Day Lotion.  This marvelous lotion is supposed to help dimish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It contains antioxidant fighting pomegrenate and Mexican wild yam to help firm the skin.  I absolutely loved the packaging on this.  I swear companies could sell a ton of stuff just be wrapping their products up in pretty colors.  I love the red and white combination and, of course, I love pomengranate and the smell of it.  This lotion definitely lives up to its promise.  While I haven't been using it long enough (and I don't have that many lines yet ;) to see if it's corrected any lines or wrinkles, my skin definitely felt firmer and smoother.  I haven't used this type of lotion and so was surprised that I actually could feel that it was working.   Again, this is a light almost milky product with a light scent.  I would caution you to be careful when pumping the bottle, as a little goes a long way.

Last but not least I tried the Replenishing Lip Balm with pomegranate oil.  Another great product.  With a nice light scent it left my lips feeling moisturized and smooth all day long. 

One of the things I like best about Burt's Bees is that they are a company committed to using the most natural of products and indeed help to set the industry standard.  They are also committed to the Environment and giving back to the community.  They have goals in place to become the "Greenest personal care company on Earth". 

Certified Organic, this company has a great line of products for both kids and adults.  Their products state that they contain Canadian ingredients.   I hadn't heard of this company before so I was glad to be introduced to them.

Here is what I received:

Let's take the Green Beaver jr Bubble Bath and Lip Balm.   Both of these items had a delicous berry scent. The kids immediately wanted to use the bubble bath because of the great smell and then because of how great it worked in the tub.  You see we had been using one of those Character bubble bath products that shall remain nameless.  It didn't matter how much soap I put in, I still had to stir the water up more with my hand to really get the bubbles going.  I thought it was because of low water pressure.  I guess that's not the case since this bubble bath produced tons of bubbles without any extra effort.  My kids love this stuff.

And the lip balm, anything that appears the least bit like makeup is sure to be popular only because the ingredients are organic and natural you don't have to worry about what they may be ingesting.  Again, they loved the berry smell.

Green Beaver Lavender Body Wash and Foaming Hand Soap.  If you love Lavender, then this is definitely the product for you.  The scent is very strong.  I kind of liked that for the bathroom though because every time someone washed their hands it left a nice scent behind and you all know how stinky those bathrooms can get with little ones around.  If you are not a Lavender fan, they do have other scents like Cranberry and Applemint.  The Body Wash was nice too, completely biodegradeble, vegan and glutenfree you can be completely guilty free using this in the shower.  The scent, while strong, is very invigorating, just perfect for those early morning showers.

and last... but certainly not least

Fudge Brownie Melting Delight Body Bar     OMG!  Love Chocolate?  Love Brownies?  Then you have to try this product.  It literally looks like a chocolate bar and smells even better than one.  What you do is break off a piece of the bar, warm it between your hands and when it softens use it on any of those rough or dry areas you may have.  It's absolustely yumalacious.  It contains Cocao Seed, Butter, Shea Butter and Coconut oil.  Three ingredients guaranteed to add more moisture to your skin.  A word of warning though, you might want to have a luxurious treat for you to eat after because if you're like me, you'll be craving something to satisfy your tummy along with your skin.

Upper Canada has a wide arrange of products and fully believes in using only Nature's purest ingredients and affirm that they do not test their products on animals.

There you have it ladies, three great Canadian Companies.  All worth checking out.

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