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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Power is Out

What a strange spring we are having. Too much rain, too few spring like day. Now on good Friday we are having the mother of all storms. The power is out and I've only managed to entertain the kidlets for half an hour with bunny crafts.

The storm is somewhat scary when those big gusts of winds hit the trees in my yard. The howl of the wind around the house is almost as ghostly as the wind is fierce.

Still I have my blinds up, not just for lighting but so I can watch mother nature in all her temper. I think this is how I must often appear to my children, a howling, shrieking whirling dervish storming through the house fighting the unending and hopeless tidy up battle. The poor dears. But not today, the house is reasonably tidy and they are playing somewhat quietly upstairs.

It's days like this that make me glad I had the foresight to go shopping yesterday and glad too that this is a holiday so I don't have to run the kids anywhere. Now if I just had a real fire and some way of making my self a cup of tea, I'd be perfectly content. Okay not perfectly..... Just somewhat content.

My only other wish? An ocean view. I just love watching the sea and hearing the crash of the waves in the storm. I used to spend hours on the beach.

With a whir and a whiz the power has just come back on making it no longer necessary for me to blog by phone. Yet the storm still rages so I better put the kettle on before it goes out again.

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  1. So glad the power is back on! I just felt all warm and comfy inside when you said you were putting the kettle on - sounds great! If it goes off again, make white trash play-do, like my mom used to do! Flour, water, food coloring and they can play at the table. Unless they're too old for that kind of silly stuff already!

  2. great idea. I'll have to try that next time!


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