Thursday, March 4, 2010

Unexpected Blessings

I started this post earlier this morning complaining about our finances and how bad I feel that we can't afford to put our kids into any programs right now etc. etc.  But you know what?  Everyone is struggling right now.  Except the rich people, you I don't like. And you know what else?  I really don't hear many of you complaining about it.  It is what it is. We'll all make it through.

So instead of whining, I thought I'd mention a few positive things that happened.

Our realtor dropped by the other night with a book about the new area we moved into.  One of those books full of photos and descriptions of all the gorgeous places to go and see.  Inside the book was a gift certificate to a really nice restaurant in town for $75.00.  What a blessing that is.  Fancy dinners out are definitely not part of our budget at the moment. 
We got a card from our mortgage broker yesterday thanking us for our business and enclosing a $20.00 Tim Horton's gift card. Well, that's nice too.  K and I will be able to get ourselves a little treat now and then.  If you're just buying coffee and a donut, $20.00 actually goes a long way.  
When we went to get our new cat on the weekend, my mom ended up paying the $100.00 adoption fee.  I didn't see her do it or know the story behind it but K later told me that when he went to pay he saw my dad motioning to my mom to pay, so she did.  This after taking the whole family out for lunch.  Gotta love my parents.
So what unexpected blessings have come into your life?


  1. What awesome blessings!

    I won a $50 target gift card the other day. There are a bunch of small things that I need and have been going w/o and that will help a lot!

    Our truck was totaled the other day and we have no idea how we are going to replace it, so I had to think hard of something positive- other than that my dh wasn't hurt in the accident.

  2. Wow, that's almost $200 saved. Awesome!

    The main blessing I need is to be blissfully awake for my 4-5 hour drive to my mom's tomorrow. It's just me and my daughter going which means I have to drive, and I tend to get very sleepy behind the wheel. So I am stocking up on great music and tootsie roll pops! :)

  3. Sometimes, when we least expect us, God reminds us that He is keeping an eye out for us. How wonderful that you received these blessings. Good luck in your new home!

  4. A friend sent me a totally random gift in the mail and I keep winning stuff on blogs! Yay!

  5. I recently won some stuff from blog contest. That was a nice surprise. I've also been blessed with 3 new wedding photography shoot leads this week. God is doing good things in my life and I am so blessed. He has put so many uplifting people in my life that I could not have gone without knowing. Keep your head up, and always focus on the good and lessons learned from the not so good. We lost our baby Leo this past July after my placenta abrupted at 28 weeks. We were blessed with 30 hours with him. He touched us more than we could have ever imagined, and though it is tragic, it is really a huge blessing as well. God and taught me so much through my Leo and the loss. I am blessed to have had these experiences and the time I did with my little angel.

    Keep positive and give all your worried to Him. :-)

    Stopping by from SITS!

  6. I just found a dollar, does that count?


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