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Monday, March 8, 2010

It's too Early

It was with glee that I went to bed last night with the knowledge that it was spring break and I wouldn't have to jump up and get E ready for school etc.  That I could lounge in bed for a while longer if I wanted.  Oh how naive am I?

We were woken up by a crying O who apparently had already been up and scrapping with E.  He climbed into our bed while I distracted him from his tears by squealing from his cold feet and hands.  Why the kids always so cold when they climb into our bed?  Pretty soon we were hiding under the covers from the tickle monster and even though it was mom who was doing the tickling he was out of his sniffles pretty fast.  The kids had messed with my alarm clock last night so that I had no idea what time it was, only it was light out so I figured it was at least after 8.  Nope.  Not even 7 am yet.  So here I am on the first day of spring break up before 7 because you know that as soon as they realize that you're semi conscious, they immediately start demanding food.   Know what happens when you get up that early?

 The kids start getting on your nerves because they have nothing better to do than fight with one another.... because they are still tired from getting up too early. 
Your heart does a little sink cause you know that you have to put up referee this all day because there is no school. 
You manage to have an argument with your husband before it's even 8:00 a.m.
You eat your breakfast so early that you're starving by 9:00 a.m. cause today was the start of a new diet plan.
You get your house work done extra early so you are sitting at 9:30 a.m. thinking... what's next?


  1. Oh, yeah, you got it right on!!! Whenever you have to be somewhere is when they finally want to sleep in. Also, I totally relate with that thought of, "Ok, it's 9:30 am. Now what?" Sometimes there is a lot of boredom in mommyhood!

  2. My boys are always early risers. So you just telling me my typical day. Though I'm never wondering what to do at 9:30; there's always something to do.

  3. Oh hon, I hear ya! This is my life too. I want nothing more than for my children to learn the joy of sleeping in. And why, oh why, do they get up at the crack of dawn on non-school days, without my help, but on school days I can't get them to budge? Please tell me how this happens.

  4. I would think 9:30 sounds like a lovely nap time! I have found that "it's too early to wake up" works pretty well and they crawl back in bed and drift back off. However, once that tummy-bell rings, there is no stopping them! All I can think of is, "Poor Thing. Poor Poor Thing."

    I hope tomorrow is better:)


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