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Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a CATastrophe!

I'm not sure why we thought it would be a good idea. I'm not sure why we didn't forsee what was going to happen with our three little darling. Maybe we were being naïve. Maybe we are just clueless

You see we got a 4 or 5 month old kitten on Saturday. Sounds simple right? We thought so to.

I knew E was excited. We had been promising her that we'd get a cat for a while now and with her a few down days at school, I thought she could use a pick me up. I wasn't prepared for her highs and lows as we went on a search for a cat. Kittens seem to be rare these days.
The first store we went to only had breed cats. A Bengal which was $488 and adorable siameses kitties which were over $800. Ouch. Where the regular house cats?

Of course while she understood, she was excessively disappointed and badgered us for the next two days while we searched. We wanted a kitten that would grow being used to our kids. We figured it was a better way to make sure the adjustment went well.

We finally found a rescue cat through the Kitty Cat Pals Society. They were great because they knew their cats and were able to help us get a good match.

So we get or sweet new kitty home who is now dubbed Jingles short for Jinglebells. We kept it low key for the first day, limiting the kid's contact to allow the kitty to get used to us and our home.

The 2nd day is when all hell broke loose. We get up to O deciding to serenade the kitty by blowing long and loud into a toy recorder, effectively trapping the poor kitten in his litter box. Poor thing. Or when the kitty hides out in his carrier O has to pick it up and shake. Then E gets in her mother protective role and yells at the kids every time they so much as move in it's direction. To the poor cat being subjected to tug of war.

I had to work all day so it was poor hubby who had to resolve the cat fights (pun intended) all day. He was so frazzled by dinner I think that little vein in his forehead was about to pop. No matter what we say to E, she seems to think this cat is just hers. While I would to give them each one, it's just not feasible.

So I have to say I am more than just a little relieved to find myself at the dentist with E for half the day. Hopefully the novelty will wear off by tomorrow.

Well I can hope.
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  1. LOL Yeah, that's one of the many reasons we have no pets right now.
    Just to put your mind at ease, the last dog my parents got, my baby brother beleived (and still believes) that the dog was his even though he was eight at the time. No one can shake him of that belief, even know after we had to put the dog down. So yeah, E will always think it's hers.

  2. I am sure the kitty will learn the ropes soon enough! Pretty soon the kitty will be in charge of everything! :)

  3. Aww...poor kitty! Our dogs were 3 when my first son was born, so they totally knew how to Stay Away from the grabby hands!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!


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