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Friday, March 12, 2010


I never was a big fan of socks.  I always preferred going barefoot spring and summer and sandals are like my favourite shoes of all time.  Only it seems as I have gotten older, my feet are colder and I now need to wear socks more.  One more of those signs of aging things you never realized would happen.

But that's not why I hate socks. No.  It's my sock wearing hating children that have pushed me to edge.  From the overflowing mismatched sock basket that sits atop my dryer to the countless socks that can be found strewn throughout the house.

There is the basic routine.  You get them dressed, you put their socks on.  Ten minutes later while meandering through the room, you will find said socks lying on the floor.  Three kids later, I pretty much gave up forcing them to wear socks.  I happen to like bare feet myself after all.  Then my MIL would come sit and I'd hear comments about boy your feet must be cold, the floors are cold etc.  Like I'm sort of bad momma that won't let my kids wear socks.  Literally the minute I'm out the door they'd be putting socks onto the kids feet.  Ummm are you from a different planet?  They won't keep the socks on.  To them that's okay. In their world they will make them keep their socks on.  Yup, just nag and nag and nag.  Don't you just love it when someone tells you... "well just make them behave."  Yeah, like it's that easy.  Well, in my world I have other things to do like feed them, clean the house, do the laundry. I'm not the babysitter.  I don't get to just sit and play with the kids making sure their socks stay on.

Still that's not even the most annoying part of the sock battle.  No it's when you're about to go out the door when you suddenly find O isn't wearing his socks that you literally just put on him and if you hadn't taken five minutes out to brush your hair or something, you might have succeeded in getting his shoes on first.  Then it's the, "where did you put your socks" routine as you madly race through the house looking for his socks because he's some sort of Houdini making things disappear only to give up and grab a new pair of socks cause we gotta go.

Or maybe it could be the random places where you find those socks.  The toy box. Under the cushion. In the bathroom. Under the couch, the bed, the table, chair.

I have single socks in my basket that I haven't paired up for years.  I don't dare to get rid of them because I just know when I do, its mate will suddenly pop up to mock me. 

score:   Socks 42            Mom 0


  1. Oh, how I hate them! My boys have taken to wearing crocs and I'm perfectly happy with that, since it means no socks! My 5 year old was so mad at kindergarten orientation the other day when they told the kids that no crocs are allowed.

    I'm going to have to figure out something else to win the sock war.

  2. It doesn't matter how careful I am with getting everyone to put their socks in the hampers, there are always a few singles. My pet peeve is when the husband is out of socks, he steals mine because we have the same shoe size AND then he doesn't put them to wash, so a week later I have no socks. I've been forced to buy girly socks to keep him from raiding my sock drawer.

  3. I hafta side with you on this one, I hate socks. I wear bare feet and/or sandals all year round if I can get away with it. My kids obviously share this desire, unfortunately, my dear daughter has the STINKIEST feet in the entire world. I mean I literally gag when I smell them, and the only way to avoid this is for her to regularly wear socks.

    I think it's nature's way of torturing me for preferring to go barefoot.

  4. I'm a barefoot kind of person myself. And my kids have inherited the gene too. So I'm totally with you. There's not enough time in the day to track down all the socks that get peeled off around here.

    I'd much rather play with them on the floor than hunt for footwear all day.

  5. I don't like socks either! I don't like wearing them, but I especially don't like having to pair them up after laundry. It is such a pain - we have a basket full of socks just sitting and waiting for this... it stares me down every time I go in the bedroom.

  6. I love socks. Also, I like to be contrary. ;)

  7. I feel exactly the same way! I finally gave up making them wear socks, for the most part, but man, do their feet stink when they don't! I also only buy one type of sock for each child. That way, their socks always have a match.... :)

  8. We used to have the sock problem in our house as well, until my 7-year old decided that it was super cool to wear mismatched socks. She has lots of socks with funky designs. My older kids could care less. Their socks are either white or black so finding a partner is a cinch.
    Good luck with the war on socks. Sounds like you're going to need it. They're totally out to get you! Stopping by from SITS.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud


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