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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Crunch Time

Well it's crunch time.  Only two more full days left of packing before the big move.  The movers will be here first thing Friday a.m. so time is starting to run out.  Add to that the fact that we are trying to keep the children's lives as normal as possible which means running back and forth taking them to school/preschool.  It's gonna be a little stressful to say the least.  Throw in a field trip to the library for the preschool and it's gonna be fun, fun, fun.

So I probably won't be able to post for the rest of the week.  K is going to be off for the rest of the week and I am sure he will be cracking the whip the whole time ;)~   Translation, I won't be able to sneak off and post without feeling guilty.  ;)

Plus I am doing something very interesting tomorrow a.m. but you all will have to wait until next week to hear all about that.  A little suspense never hurts, eh?

We have also had two emails this week interested in my video store.  Woohoo!  One gentleman is coming to see the store on Friday and I am still relaying info to the other inquiry.  Hopefully one of them at least makes us an offer.  The timing seems shall we say provident as I cannot technically sell my store until my house sale goes through because I am relying on my so called income from that store to qualify financially for my mortgage.  So it's interesting that we have someone coming to look at the store the very day all the paperwork is going to be done for the house sale.  Okay Lord, keep the dominoes falling into place for us please!!!

So please bear with me while I take this little break and be assured that I will be back bright and fresh next week with a bunch of photos.  I may even do a little plug for the moving company (Bekins) if they work out. :0)

Ta ta for now!

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