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Friday, January 8, 2010

Day Five of Packing - We See Some Progress

Today I am feeling fairly confident with the packing.  In the beginning I was a little stressed as I knew K wanted to try and sort while we packed, which means everything takes a whole lot longer.  The thought of having to sort and purge while we went stressed me out.  Because let's face, who ends up doing 90% of the packing.  That's right, me!

However, I did the mature thing (for once) and was honest with K.  There was just no way I could sort pack, run the household, look after three children including ferrying two back and forth to school/preschool, oh and work evenings.  After Day two of packing, I had just about exhausted myself from being on my feet all day packing at home then I got the pleasure of cooking supper and heading off to work where I ended up on my feet all night moving things around there.

K heard me, while he didn't say much at first and I thought I hadn't got through to him or he thought I was just being silly.  Cause men tend to be like that... not say much directly.  He later ( few days later) told me he had planned on taking an extra two days off per week to help with the packing.  So while he never responded to what I had said in a direct fashion obviously he processed it and came up with his solution.  However, we got to it, I am just glad we did.  Knowing that he was helping me pack made it possible to take some time and sort the kid's toys out a little as I went.

I decided to start with the worst jobs first which were the kid's closets first.  There was so much stuff in them what with outgrown clothes, dress up clothes, toys and even some of our stuff had ended up in there.  It's like what I said earlier this week, I regret putting off what I should have done a while ago.  If I had of sorted those clothes as I went instead of just stuffing them into the closet, I wouldn't have had that big mess to go through.  Still it's done now and it sure makes me feel good.

I have to get off my butt and get going though.  The moving guys are coming tomorrow to give us quotes for the move and I just hate having my house a mess when people come through.  Last time I am sure they over quoted us just because we looked so unorganized when they came through.  Little did they know that we are in reality very organized people and have everything so organized all the movers had to do was move the furniture out and load up a few boxes from the garage.  They ended up having time to kill and took like 10 smoke breaks because there is a 3 hour minimum.   This time we're planning on getting our money's worth out of them.  They won't have no time for smoke breaks! ;)

By the way.. if any of you would like a copy of those moving labels I had done up, I'd be happy to email you the file. It's just a publisher file.  I have two other sets with bathroom, garage, toys and misc labels too.

Moving Tip

- Create a moving notebook.  Inside the front cover I wrote both the address of where we are moving to and the address of where we are, the new telephone number, names and numbers of the bank people, realtors and notary. You don't know how many times you are going to need that information as you go along.  Then I am using the rest of the notebook to create lists of what I need to do, who to contact re address changes, call the phone company, cable, hydro, schools, etc.  



  1. Good luck with your move.

    We did our last one with only 3 weeks' notice, so w ended up throwing a lot of stuff randomly into boxes. NOT FUN!!

  2. The last move I had a notebook like that, and I kept all important documents in a shoulder bag that I didn't leave out of my sight. I started packing my library well in advance so I could label it as I went. Thank God, my parents came for the final push, since my husband felt his job ended with paying for the movers/packers.

  3. I like the notebook idea. Next time we move I may have to do that. Ugh. I HATE moving.

  4. All great tips. And I'm glad you husband heard you and is helping. Again, I don't envy you at all.


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