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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top Ten Thursday - People I'd Like to Meet

Another week has gone by and it's time for another Top Ten Thursday. Last week I did my top favourite gifts I'd like to receive so this week why not My Top Ten Favourite people I'd like to meet.

1. Colin Firth - He's an absolute hunk and with that British accent he could say just about anything that would make my socks roll up and down.

2. Ophrah Winfrey - no not for her free stuff. I'd just like to be able to say I met her. Strip away the talk show etc and she is definitely an interesting person.

3. Albert Einstein - I once did an oil pastel drawing of him in art class and I'd like his opinion on his hair. Is it crazy enough?

4. Queen Elizabeth - I am after all a solid Canadian citizen and a fan of all things British. It would be really amazing to actually meet the monarch just once.

5. Jane Austen - If anyone ever invented a time machine I'd love to travel back in time and visit good old Jane and see what her life was really like. Perhaps I'd even rescue her personal letters from being destroyed by her sister, Cassandra, upon her death. Or see through Jane's eyes just why she detests Bath so.

6. Vincent Van Gogh - When I was 16 I visited the Vincent Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and like many arrogant 16 year olds thought I could paint something just as well. After all it was only globs of paint standing straight up out of the painting. How hard could it be? Now many years later, I have a healthy respect for artists and their work.

7. Joan of Arc - was she really crazy? Did she really hear voices? Inquiring minds want to know.

8. Cate Blanchette - an amazing actress. I would love to see her work in person or even just attend a play at her theatre in Australia.

9. Corrie Ten Boom - an amazing holocaust survivor. She wrote a few books and travelled around the world sharing the gospel and message of forgiveness. They thanked God for fleas because it was the fleas that kept the guards at bay from their little bible group.

10. Nora Roberts - I really enjoy her books and it would be great to get some pointers from a woman who started out much like me with an idea when she was a stay at home mother.

I had to laugh because I told my husband he could help me do my list and as I typed #1. he suggested Colin Firth himself. Guess he knows me well. *L* It's a good thing he's my Mr. Darcy. ;)

So that was easy right? Why not play along. Either use my idea or make up one of your own and come back here and link up. Don't forget to check out my lovely co-hosts blogs. Oh and don't forget to grab our button there on the right.


  1. That's a really interesting list! I enjoyed your names AND your reasons!!

  2. Great list!! I had no idea that Nora Roberts was a SAHM before she became a famous author! That's definitely inspiring!

  3. Great list! Thanks for stopping by today it's so nice to meet you! Have a wonderful holiday season :)

  4. I love Colin too!!!!! I just watched Bridget Jones the other day!! =)

    Coming over from Sara's page...I'm following you! CUTE BLOG!

  5. I think Colin Firth is an amazing actor and very easy to watch. Agree with Oprah too. If I could switch places with someone for a week it would be Oprah. She has so much power and money and uses it for good. Her school in Africa all her causes. She is amazing. I would like to meet Florence Nightengale too. She was a hard core nurse who didn't put up with crap (literally and figuratively.)

  6. Great list - except for Oprah, I just can't get on board with that one. Happy Friday :)

  7. I got to see a lecture from Corrie Ten Boom, she is one of my heroes. I know one of Nora Roberts writing partners. In fact there was just an article about my friend starting to make the New York Bestseller list herself. She used to write for "J.D. Robb".

    Mary Blayney, she's great in and of herself if you're looking for a new author to read.

  8. My husband knows I love Colin Firth too :o) I got as close as I'm ever going to come to meeting the Queen - she was at a neighbouring town (Sussex, NB) a few years ago...unfortunately, she went along the opposite railing to where we were, Prince Phillip came up our side

  9. What a variety you have there! I think I would agree with most - not Colin Firth because I'm "meh" on him. (I know. It's shocking.)


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