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Skin MD Natural Skin Care - Review/Giveaway

When I first started out blogging I had no idea what a phenomenon it was. I had never heard of mommy bloggers. Who knew when I started this blog that I would not only have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people but I would even have opportunities to do product reviews.

Skin MD Natural is one such review. I had been a little hesitant to really jump on the whole review bandwagon until I read an email about Skin MD. You see, I have really bad knees. I mean really bad. So bad I won't wear shorts or skirts in the summer because people always ask me what's wrong with my knees bad. I hate having to expose my knees at the pool. It's been like this for years and it seems that no matter what I do they just never get better. Would you believe I have knee envy? Envy of those with perfect smooth knees.

After checking out their website Skin MD Natural I learned that what makes their lotion different from regular moisturizers is that it is a Shielding Lotion.

"A shielding lotion is unlike any other conventional, artificial moisturizers because it
works with the skin to naturally moisturize and heal. Most conventional, artificial moisturizers only add moisture to the surface of the skin, but do little to repair the
skin’s natural barrier against moisture robbing irritants. Continued use of artificial moisturizers can cause the skin to actually begin producing less of its own natural oils, thinking that the skin has enough moisture. This can cause skin to form a
dependence on the moisturizer for hydration. Skin MD Natural breaks the dry skin
cycle by working to help restore skin’s natural protective abilities by bonding to
the outer layer of skin, strengthening skins natural barrier against toxins and irritants
that can dry the skin, while locking in the skin’s natural oils."

Okay, I was intrigued. Of course I tried not to get my hopes up because I had been disappointed so badly before. Still I was excited to get my bottle in the mail. For fun I decided to take a photo of one of my knees. I can't believe I am going to show a photo of my knee. AAAck.

This is my worst knee.

Let me just say I was pleased with how light and non greasy Skin MD was. It has almost no scent and it's so barely noticeable that I don't mind having it on my hands at all. I like pretty smelling moisturizers, I just don't like them on my skin. Plus any of the creams I had purchased that said they helped really dry skin ended up having either an icky smell. Seriously there is no way I'm going to continue to use the cream if I can't stand the smell. Plus a little Skin MD seems to go a long way. I've been using the bottle continuously for 3 weeks and I still have half the bottle left. Course, I'm using it just for knees and hands but still.

This is the same knee now.

Okay it's not perfect and it certainly won't win me any prettiest knees of the year contests but it's a big time improvement over what I had before and I am thrilled. The other knee looks even better. Plus it only makes sense that since I have had these awful dried out knees for literally years that it would take some time and effort on my part (applying the product) for it to get better. I could actually see a noticeable difference within one week which is what kept me going with it.

I should mention that while I've been extolling the benefits of Skin MD as a moisturizer, I should mention that it is a shielding lotion and many people use it to protect themselves and their children from harmful chemicals in toys, crayons, carpets etc.

As for the ingredients, Skin MD is ...

"Made in the US using high quality natural ingredients making it over 90% all
natural. All ingredients are considered to be of food grade and are also on
the FDA's most safe list. It is free of harmful fragrances, parabens, and
colorants making it hypoallergenic. We don't participate in animal testing
nor does the lotion contain any animal products."

Plus the wonderful people at Skin MD is offering a free bottle of Skin MD Natural to one of my readers. This is open to Canada and the U.S. Contest Ends December 16th.

To enter visit Skin MD Natural and come back and tell me one thing you've learned from this site or even.

For extra entries:

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A special thank you to Marilyn at Natural Skin MD for the opportunity to try out this product.

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*Please note that the only compensation I received for this review was the free bottle of product. This review is unbiased and reflects my actual experiences with the product.

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  1. Skin MD Natural™ is promptly absorbed, without the slightest hint of any greasy or oily feeling or residue, transforming the outer layer of skin into a hydrating invisible shield.

  2. My worst problem area are my elbows. They get so dry so easy.

  3. Im now a follower!

  4. I like that it does not leave your hands feeling greasy or slimy:) Please enter me. Thanks!!

  5. My worst problem area is probably my elbows. I have a hard time with my ankle area also.

  6. I learned this directly from the Skincare MD website:

    A shielding lotion keeps moisture-robbing irritants away from the skin while the proprietary "super" humectants hydrate the skin throughout the day.

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