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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Closing out the Old Year 2009

There is just something about ringing in the New Year that makes you want this year to be better than the last. After all, it is a blank slate. It's fresh. It's clean. It's new. Kind of like getting into that new car only without the new car smell. ;)

As this year draws to an end, I am more relieved than ever to be putting a phase of life behind me. I have a new home in a new city and a new adventure to look forward to in January. I know that next year so far does not have one bad day in it, no one has raised their voices or lost their temper or have any regrets at all. In that shiny new year, all the faces are clean and eager and just waiting for something wonderful to happen.

This year brought us further in E's education with her completion of kindergarten and start of grade one. We had wonderful Valentine and Easter celebrations with the children and our family. We went camping in the summer, spent some time at the beach and celebrated E's 6th, O's 2nd and J's 3rd birthday. We went to the fall fair and had a wonderful time. E has learned to be a learner and is finally starting to see some results of her hard work.

All three of our children had a wonderful halloween, enjoyed their parties and pumpkin carving. J has learned to transition into preschool without tears this year and O is on the cusp of potty training. I hosted Thanksgiving this year for the in laws and it turned out marvelous. Christmas was wonderful and although it started off a little rocky was still a very blessed day.

I have learned that mother's do indeed possess secret knowledge of each child's character's traits, the good and the bad, and always can sense when one is up to something as well as truly having eyes in the back of our heads. It actually makes me proud when I can read my kid like a book and know just what they are up to. It means I really am in the ranks of motherhood and not just playing at it.

We also learned this year that my FIL had cancer and had surgery to remove his prostrate. Then that his cancer has spread and that it's terminal. However, we also learned that his PSA numbers are very low which means the cancer isn't doing much at the moment and that's a good thing.

I learned that a family of five can live in a very small space for 2 years and survive. Totally chaotic but survived nonetheless. That children sharing rooms actually are closer to one another.
So while being a rambunctious little household, at least it's never boring. Apparently the more rambunctious you are the smarter you are or so I've been told. If that's the case, my kids must be all geniuses.

Check back tomorrow for my resolutions.

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!


  1. Sounds like a good year(for the most part, anyway!)

    Happy New Year!

  2. Nice review. I think I should try that one day.
    I'm so excited for you over the house.
    Happy New Year!


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