Thursday, October 22, 2009

Top Ten Thursday - Top 10 Reasons I love My BlackBerry

Hello all. Time for another weekly addition of Top Ten Thursday. This week's top ten list is brought to you by Jennifer at It's a Beauty Filled Life. I love this one because I LORVE LORVE my blackberry.

Here's a part of what she has to say.

As much as I’ve been pining away for the iPhone, I refuse to go to AT&T. So what’s a girl who’s jonesing hard for a smartphone to do?

Blackberry, baby!

I know, I know, a lot of you may be thinking, “Oh, hoooh! If she were really hard core, NOTHING would stop her from getting an iPhone. Not even AT&T!” But I tell you now, folks, unless AT&T paid for my family plan, gave me and HABL free phones, and then offered us insurance on the uninsurable iPhone, ‘taint gonna happen.

And so, with a smile on my face and a new phone in hand, I give you the top ten reasons why I love my Blackberry.


Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Blackberry

1. Internet: anytime, anywhere. Must. Feed. The. Beast.

2. I feel like I’m a Jetson with this mini computer in my pocket. Mini computer in my pocket? That’s like saying I own a time machine!

3. Mobile tweeting – ‘nuff said

So head on over to It's a Beauty Filled Life for the rest of the list.

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  1. I'm really missing out with the Blackberry, I feel.

  2. (sad face)

    I dont have a blackberry. But it sure seems neato!!

    Have a blessed night!

  3. Im needing another phone, and ive been going back and forth over a BBerry. May have to look into it...

    So do i post my TTT here or to an email...sorry im challenged =}


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