Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Stealing...

Well I am definitely feeling better and came across this meme on Helene's Blog so I thought I'd join in.

Sunday Stealing - The ABC's of Meme

A - advocate for: children and those tiny little green men that live at the end of the rainbow.

B - best feature: my nose. it's always been a comfort to me. ;0)

C - could do without: whining and early mornings, liver,

D - dreams and desires: for me to be able to travel to England and recently added New Zealand to that list.

E - essential items: books, tea and chocolate

F - favourite past time - reading, duh

G - Good at: organizing, cooking, snuggling my kids

H - Have never tried: bungee diving (and never will)

I - If I had a million dollars: I'd be a green dress but not a real green dress... that's cruel. ;) I'd buy a nice home for my family, take that trip to England and New Zealand, and my kids to Disneyland and I'd donate some to cancer research.

J - junkie for - chocolate and books

K - kindred spirit - Elizabeth Bennett

L - Little known fact - I have to put things back in their proper boxes. Like xmas ornaments off the tree. If there is a box for it, the ornament goes back into that box.

M - memorable moment - my most awe inspiring moment was when my first child was put onto my chest. It as such a rush after all that pushing to suddenly have this slippery baby thrust onto my chest. Not that it wasn't amazing with my other two but that first one was such a shock because of it being the first experience for us.

N - Never again will I - be 30.

O - occasional indulgence - new clothes

P - profession- chief cook and bottle washer and mompreneur (own a video store)

Q - Quote - "You people make my ass twitch" from French Kiss

R - Reason to Smile - smarmy romantic kisses, watching my kids sleeping peacefully, my husband.

S - Sorry about - not getting to spend more time playing with my kids, sorry I lose my temper so much, sorry that I don't have more patience, sorry that my business is struggling

T - things I'm worry about right now - money, money, money, struggling businesses, selling ouar house.

U - uninterested in - most t.v. reality shows, rich people that act stupidly, wasting my time in one sided friendships, facebook

V - very scared of- snakes and losing my kids

W - worse habits - biting my toe nails (just kidding ;) jumping to conclusions and finishing my husband's sentences. Stewing on things. Can stew for hours on one argument.

X - X marks my ideal vacation spot - England aside, I'd love to spend some time on the Mexican Riviera.

Y - Yummiest Dessert - anything with puff pastry. Love that puff pastry.

Z - Zodiac sign - Virgo

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  1. You seem way to happy! Great responses. Welcome to Sunday Stealing...

  2. Great answers! I love chocolate and books as well!

  3. I've never tried puff pastry!

    You would hate to see what I do to my ornaments after Christmas! I'll spare you the horror.

  4. Fantastic list! I might have to 'steal' it from you! :0)

    If you have a moment, would PLEASE take a second to come by and read my latest post? This family just lost their precious baby boy and they desperately need our help!


    I hope you have an amazing Sunday!

    Teresa <><

  5. I have a box of puff pastry sitting in my freezer and I have no clue what to do with it. I don't even remember buying it!

    I loved reading about your most memorable moment. So sweet!

  6. Hi there. I'm a new follower- nice to meet you :)

  7. First off, I'm trying to catch up.
    Second, if you're good at organizing, wanna come over and teach me?
    Third, if you had a million dollars, would you eat more mac and cheese or less?


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