Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Worldless Wednesday - Baby O... Again

What makes this photo interesting is that O is 2 or almost 2. They dragged the cradle out of the closet where it had been stored, somehow managed to convince our little tornado to lie still and be a "baby" again. BTW my father made that cradle for me when I was pregnant with E. It will be a family heirloom.

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Happy Wednesday.


  1. Kids are capable of doing what seems impossible to us, like making your tornado sit still.
    That cradle is precious.

  2. Can I borrow your kids? I can't do anything to convince my three year old to sit still for any length of time. If you could send them over to demonstrate how it's done that would be great!
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  3. Hmmm... I wonder if that would work once they start dating? ;-)

  4. Hey girlie~

    Thanks SO much for stopping by again and, not just reading my extremely long post, but also leaving such sweet words of encouragement. It really means more than you know! It has really amazed me just have many folks have taken the time to read and comment on this particular post! I'm am just thrilled because I truly want to make people more aware about my illness and 'invisible illnesses' in general.

    Your picture is too cute. Little 'O' looks like he is having lots of fun playing baby! :0) Your cradle is absolutely beautiful! My family is also blessed to have an heirloom cradle. My uncle made my mom and dad one when they were expecting my older brother. Since then, all of my siblings and I have slept in it. Plus, now all of the grandchildren have slept in it, too. It is over 47 years old!! A couple years ago, when my brother and SIL were expecting their first child (the most recent child to be born into our family), my brother and father refinished the cradle. When they were almost finished, they had little brass name plates made for each child who had ever slept in it. (Each plate has the name and birth date of a child engraved on it.) Once they received them, they mounted them in order of birth on the inside 'head' of the cradle. It looks amazing and is truly an incredible heirloom for our family. I really need to get a photo of it to share sometime.

    Well, I hope you are having a really wonderful day! Hope to 'see' you again really soon.


    Teresa <><

  5. What a wonderful cradle! And what a sweet "little baby"!! How'd they ever manage to get him to go along with the idea?????

    Great WW!

  6. That's impressive work for older sisters. Though I was able to convince a brother to wear a dress once.
    Beautiful cradle.

  7. that's a beautiful cradle! my niece also never liked being in the cradle but when she reached 2, that's the only time she ever got curious!

    happy WW!

    painted sky:

  8. That's adorable!!

  9. Hahaha! Now that's a funny story!

    Glad to see your kids growing happy and happy (not to mention "scheming"... LOL!).

  10. So precious! Reminds me of dressing my younger brother like a little girl (I desperately wanted a sister) and calling him Suzy Q :)

  11. So cute! And what a beautiful cradle--great heirloom to keep in the family.


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