Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top Ten Thursday - My Bucket List

This weeks Top Ten List idea comes from Jennifer at It's a Beauty Filled Life.

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I watched the Bucket List sometime ago and found myself enjoying it despite the somewhat sad premise. In case you haven't watched the movie, a Bucket List is a list that one would make of all the things they'd like to accomplish before they kicked the bucket so to speak.

It made me really think about the things that I would want to do if I knew I only had so much time left. Then, of course, it made me think... why would I wait until I had a death sentence before I fulfilled this list?

  1. Spend as much time as possible exploring England. I especially would like to visit London, Bath and Brighton. The scenes of so many of Jane Austen's novels.
  2. Take Singing Lessons and sing in front of an audience, at least once.
  3. Take pottery lessons and make as much God awful ugly pottery as I can to leave behind
  4. Go with my entire family to someplace really fun like Disneyland and then visit all the famous family type parks throughout the world and just really have a blast with them.
  5. I'd like to see the pyramids in Egypt.
  6. I'd like to name a star after each one of my children.
  7. Visit Prince Edward Island and the fabled home of Anne of Green Gables.
  8. I'd like to write a novel and have it published.
  9. I'd love to go to a really formal swanky dressed up party, a black tie affair.
  10. I'd love to walk the red carpet just once like the movie stars do... maybe to the Oscars.
Phew #'s 9 and 10 were tough. I'm not a real thrill seeker kind of person so my biggest interests really involves self-improvement and travel, travel, travel. But yes, I really would love to walk that red carpet just once.

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  1. We have some list items in common! I am a huge Jane Austen fan and I would love to go visit all of the places I've read so much about!

  2. Love this list. I think I'm going to make a bucket list, too :)

  3. The pyramids! That would definitely be on my list...maybe #1.

  4. Pottery lessons!! A star named for each child--how wonderful!
    And last but not least, walking the red carpet!!!Yes! What a wonderful List!

    I haven't watched The Bucket List yet---perhaps I should.

    Have a great evening!

  5. how incredibly odd! I host a Thursday's Ten (just started opening it up to everyone else, I've been doing it for YEARS) and yesterday's topic on my blog was the bucket list too!

    And yet I still haven't watched the movie. lol.

    Visiting from SITS--have a great day!


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