Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Grey Day and Other Bits of Randomness

It's a grey day. Literally. The sky is grey so outside is pretty grey looking and even my home is grey without lights. I hate having the lights on during the day but our place is just so dreary in semidarkness. Is the summer really over? I think it's well on the way to being fall soon. The demise of another summer.

I am going to miss summer. I love that we can send the kids outside to play and not worry about slippery pants. I love that putting the wading pool out equals a whole afternoon of fun. I really love going camping and spending time just hanging out at the beach. I love my capris. LOVE my capris. I wish I could wear them year round. Yeah, there are those that do but I am not one of those bold fashion setters. Capris are for sandals thank you very much not socks and sneakers. ;)

The thing is at the end of every summer I feel that we haven't done enough, taken advantage of the good weather enough. We didn't take the kids to the beach enough, we didn't go camping enough etc. Of course with the recession everyone is doing staycations this year and the best we could swing was camping for 5 nights and that's because my parents lent us their trailer and my brother lent us his camping spot. Otherwise, when you are self employed it's really hard to get away. There always seems to be some sort of crisis with the staff.

Then we get these grey days and it's hard not to feel the end of summer blues. It's been a big adjustment getting E off to school again and having to start supervising her with homework and organizing her. It's a good thing I was a secretary in another life because I adjusted to it easier than I thought I was going to. When we first got E's day planner I was having a bit of a panic when I saw all that she/we were expected to prepare for. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for those that are not organizationally inclined.

Then I tried to write a little last night on my story and you know I was completely stumped on how to start it off. I'd type out two sentences, delete one. Back and forth. Back and forth. Then I'd think there is no way I have any talent or it wouldn't be this hard. I'm going to have to get back into some writing exercises because I need to just let go and write and then edit later.

I feel tired today. Really bone tired. Of course it doesn't help that Aunt Flo's visiting and I've been struggling with PMS symptoms, physically and mentally for the last three days. That makes me feel a little on the grey side too.

Why do people say they feel blue when they are down. If I was going to pick a colour, I would pick grey. It's just the right colour for feeling down.. don't you think?

I do love fall. My favorite is crisp fall days when the sun is shining and the leaves have changed colours. Going for walks in the woods is always so lovely.

It's annoying that my walking partner never waits for me. I'm always willing to hang around waiting for her when she has to take a little longer but when I had to pick J up from preschool and she knew that's what I was doing, she didn't see me at the meeting spot and left. She always apologizes but it's still annoying.

Why is it that J talks incessantly about preschool yet when we get there she hides behind me and doesn't want to go in?

The good news though is that she talked to the teacher today and even came to me and told me that she talked to the teacher. So even she realizes that the whole not talking to the teacher thing last year was an issue. She's smarter than the average bear, that one.

Why is it that kids always get sick the first week back to school? Are they really all that germy?

Okay, I'm gonna stop now. I sound like a whiny 2 year old. *L* Why Why Why.


  1. i don't know why kids are so germy!!! mine are in daycare and i swear the baby has had a runny nose since day 1. Anyways, if you wake up with a scratchy, dry throat or that "i might be getting a cold" feeling, use Zicam every 4 hours. You should feel fine the next day!

  2. *hugs* Everything will be beter when the sun is out! I love summer too and will miss it. Writer's block comes and goes, so hang in there. And wow, school. Good luck with that.

  3. Oh I have the same problem with writing!! I'm trying to write a book too and I have an awful habit of trying to go back and edit myself and then I never seem to get any further with my writing.

    I know what you mean about kids getting sick the first week back at school. I'm constantly nagging my older two to wash their hands the minute they step foot in the house after school but we're still infested with germs!

  4. I'd whack your walkin gpartner over the head, but then again I'm kind of in a foul mood, so you might want to double-think that suggestion.

  5. When it's an overcast, gloomy day I'm completely worthless. I don't want to do anything or be productive in any way. Those are actually the perfect days to get things done inside but I actually do a lot more when it's sunny.

  6. I can so identify with this! It's been grey here all day. All I've wanted to do is sleep. And although I love the different seasons, I get a little melancholy too.


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